Miss me?

Yeah, the internet is down at my place. Guess I need to pay the phone bill… ooppssie!

My Horoscope for H A L L O W E E N!!!:

Everyone who loves you knows you\’re not much for public displays of emotion — but if they know you that well, they also know that you adore being surprised. So when — not if — someone who cares a great deal for you suddenly makes a grand demonstration of their feelings for you, don\’t be embarrassed if a bit of color comes to your cheeks. You\’re entitled to enjoy this type of thing every now and then — and by the way, so are they.

Hmm.. I wonder who it could be. I\’m secretly hoping it isn\’t my ex (he still wears his wedding ring).

So, how was your weekend? Mine was well.  Copyguy came over on Friday and stayed until 2:30am! I went to work on Saturday moring (Busiest day yet!) and left around 1:30 to visit my aunt in Georgetown. She is going much better, but isn\’t out of the woods, yet.  And on Sunday, I was as lazy as possible. Around 6pm, I went to a friends house and watched a movie (Jeepers Creepers 2) and went home a little after 8pm. I went to Wal-Mart to get items for my costume and didn\’t find what I was hoping. First, I wanted the largest white tshirt possible, so I went into the mens section hoping they would have a big and tall part, but they don\’t, so I ended up buying a 3 pak of white under shirts in 3x. Second, I wanted devil horns that I could wear as a headband and I wasn\’t able to find those either, so I bought the devil staph or whatever its called… the red pitchfork thingy… so, my attempt to be a deviled egg was partly successful. Once I tell the co-workers who I am, they all laugh and call me clever. I\’ll have pictures up soon (as soon as I get my internet back).


I know I wrote a lot more than this…

So, a co-worker brought her camera and usb cable and uploaded some pics from this morning… so, there I am as a deviled egg.


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