Thursday Shmursday

I stayed up too late. But, I was so into the game, I couldn\’t stop! I started playing an old game, Devil May Cry, recently and I\’m kicking butt in (granted I am playing the Ultra Easy mode)! It\’s exciting that I am actually succeeding in the game… freaking exciting!

I tried again with Verizon to get the DSL working and was unsuccessfu. This time, the dept closed while I was on hold… and I was on hold and transferred all over the freaking place for over a half hour. I\’m starting to get annoyed and ticked off. Last nights experence with their customer service was bad, not as bad as I\’ve had before (spent over 4 hours on hold with AT&T once), but still bad. So, when I go to cover the fronst desk, I am going to let them hear about this!

Ugh, this sucks! Did I mention that we\’re not allowed to listen to our radios or cds unless its Friday? So, now that there are only 9 of us left, and we all get along with the music played, they decide to enforce the old rule. WTF! It\’s almost Christmas, we have a tree and lights on in the office, we\’re all trying to get into the Holiday spirit and then they lay this rule down… sheesh… where\’s the love? I miss my music. Christmas Jazz, Christmas Classics… oh how I loved thee… but now I can\’t enjoy them… bastards. Next they\’ll tell me to take my lights down…

I have to work at Weis tonight which means that is going to cut into my game time. Oh, and Copyguy said he\’d come over for the bed. He was supposed to come over last night, but work kept him and he still wanted to come over because he had promised, but I called him and told him to go home. I\’m sure he was tired and wanted to go home anyway… theres always another day.

Here is my MSN Tarot reading for today:

Today is going to be a day of appeasement and of spiritual renewal, Jessica. The combination of the Pope and Death encourages displays of affection and outburst of tender feelings. You will experience some very happy hours today and successfully avoid anyone who might be a source of discontent and tension. Sincerity and happiness are the keywords today, and you have every reason to believe that this does you a world of good.  At work, those around you tolerate your sudden mood swings and eccentric acts with good humor… Under the watchful eye of the Pope, your working environment is pleasant and accommodating. For your part, you’re a little distracted and alternate haphazardly between concentration and relaxation… Don’t let your attention leap too much from one thing to another: you could unsettle everything

I\’ve been on the phone with Verizon for nearly 40 minutes now trying to set up the dry loop of DSL, which will cost me as much as cable internet, but I owe like $260 to comcast and that just isn\’t a priority right now… maybe after the holidays…. I\’ll pay one bill a month off… like AACC, comcast, credit card, etc. I\’ll still be poor, but not too long… especially since my debt consolidate will be paid in full in February!, so that will give me an additional $188.10 a month … which I can use to pay off the other things… I just need to get out of this whole that I have put myself in with the bank and stuff… Ugh, it seems like it never ends…. But, I know it will. One day.

Well, finally got everything done with Verizon and get this: the DSL won\’t be activated until DECEMBER 19! I was like WTF! why so long? and the chick was like… thats what its telling me…

So, we\’re having a dept meeting at 11am… and I have a odd feeling about this meeting… it\’s only for us nonmangement…. I wonder what bad news their going to be telling us… But, I really do have a bad feeling about this meeting.


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