So, it\’s Friday! Not like I have anything to be happy about… sorta. I have to work tonight and then I have to be back at Weis at 7am on Saturday! Can you believe that?!? Who in their right mind wants to get up before 7am on a Saturday; I am one person who doesn\’t! But, tomorrow is also the annual company holiday party. This year it is in Annapolis, well, actually, ever year it\’s in Annapolis, but at different locations.

Last night was pretty slow at the Deli. So, with the ample time, I decided to be creative and draw. I drew the snowman that is posted and took the picture with my camera phone. Christmas is my favorite holiday. Not because I get presents (hope I do this year), but because I like the feeling it brings. I love the winter and the music and the fact that people are generally nicer around Christmas. Plus, I LOVE wrapping presents. I swear, I get more excited about the thought of wrapping gifts than I do receiving them. I get so excited, that as soon as I get home, I wrap the presents I bought! I can\’t let them sit there waiting to be wrapped, I have to do it right away.

So, for the first gift that I bought this year, the one coming from the UK, shipping cost almost as much as the actual gift


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