I had a good week…


Today has been a nice day. I cleaned my room and did laundry! Also, I took a lot of pictures of Amelia and was able to email some of them out to friends and family. I really enjoy taking pictures of Amelia. It\’s so easy; she\’s so photogenic! But, aren\’t all babies? Plus, I Greg has a great camera so I am enjoying using his camera as well.

Well, Amelia has finally started sucking on the pacifier. Although not regularly, but she will take it every now and then. Before she refused to have it in her mouth, but lately she\’s taken it and fallen asleep with it.

Friday, an old co-worker from PRP stopped by, Lisa. I haven\’t seen her in a while. She hand-made a blanket for Amelia and bought some diapers. Lisa hung out for a while and got to meet Greg. Fun times. Also on Friday, I went by the office and MX Energy had a gift card for Greg, Amelia, and I as well as some little booties and socks for Amelia. So nice of them.

Saturday, Greg and I were as lazy as possible. We didn\’t even go downstairs until 3pm-ish. It felt wonderful! It\’s so much nicer when Greg is over helping with Amelia. I don\’t know how I would do it without him. But, I started to get ancy and told him that I wanted to get out of the house so we decided to go to Wal-Mart by Arundel Mills. We spent the gift card on little things that we needed and bought some junk food for the impending snow storm. The only thing we couldn\’t get was hot coco! They were out of stock on the shelf!! Weird. Greg and I were also going to go to Books-a-million to use some gift cards that he had, but we couldn\’t find a single parking spot so we moved on. It was 6 when we got home, we put the stuff away, fed Amelia and Greg played some Mario while Sean, Aaron, and I watched until sometime after 8pm. Then, Greg, Amelia and I went upstairs to relax. Then, just before 9, Sean tells me that Laurie (step sister) is coming over. She arrives around 10 and got to see Amelia for the first time. She also bought a gift for Amelia from Amsterdam. It\’s a cute little outfit that she\’ll be able to fit into later.

Wednesday I came home from spending time at my Moms. I tried to write while I was down there, but she has dial up and it was taking for ever so I gave up. Anyway, it was a nice visit. Mom took care of Amelia during the night so I could sleep the entire night through and sadly, I was up at 8am every day I was there. Are my days of sleeping in over? I fear so. Oh well, I\’m sure those days will visit in the future. On the first night there, the heat went out and it was in the low 50\’s in the house! But, by 1pm, the heat was back on. Mom and I watched movies the entire visit and on Wednesday, we went out to eat on my way home and Amelia woke up while at the buffet and Mom was feeding her and when Mom was burping her, Amelia let out this huge burp! The customers behind us and to the left looked at each other thinking it was one of them! So funny! Also, my cousin April called my Mom and I told her that I was still in town (Waldorf, though Mom lives in Nanjamoy) and she and her brother, Danny, met us at the buffet. It was a great visit. April is 16 weeks pregnant, so we were talking about her baby and Amelia and how our Grandma is going to be a Great Grandma twice in a year. April is due in July, so it is possible that Amelia and Aprils baby will be 6 months apart in age just like April and Sean are! It\’s kinda funny.

To skip a lot of rambling… Greg and I talked on Wednesday night and learned that our feelings for each other have changed, but we weren\’t sure what to do. Then, later in the night as we were laying in bed about to go to sleep, I ask Greg if he was about to fall asleep and he said yes and asks why and I tell him that I would tell him later, but he wouldn\’t take that as an answer so I tell him that there have been a few times, recently, that I\’ve wanted to tell him that I love him. And, to my surprise he tells me the same thing! He said that he loves me! He asks how I feel about him and I told him that I\’ve got very strong feelings for him and that I do love him. So, after that we decided that we are going to do the relationship thing! It\’s been a very long time since I\’ve felt butterflies in my stomach. It\’s also been a long time since I\’ve told someone that I love them. It\’s been a long time since I\’ve had feelings like this. It feels good.

Well, Amelia is stirring around and it\’s about time for her next feeding…

Cross your fingers for a lot of snow!

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