Is this it for the snow?

If this is it, I am seriously disappointed! Greg and I were really hoping for some serious snow! Seriously! LOL

So, today was Amelia\’s one month check up. She had her Hep B shot and PKU done. She screamed, but I was expecting that. I didn\’t cry during her shots. I am used to her crying I suppose. Amelia now weighs 8lbs 14oz and has grown about half an inch. The doctor says the weight gain is normal, so I am glad. She has gained 2 lbs since birth and that was only a month and a day ago. Her next appointment is in March and the doc told me that she would get 4 shots! Greg said he would come along for the shots.

Greg is such a trooper! Last night, Amelia woke up around 1am (Greg and I didn\’t go to bed until 11:30-ish) and she stayed up until 3am crying. I didn\’t wake up until 2:45am to help. As soon as I held her, she fell asleep. As soon as Greg put her in the crib, she woke up! So, I tried again and this time I waited a little longer to put her in the crib and I put in one of my pillows since my mom mentioned something about putting a shirt that I recently wore to help calm her (something about my scent), so I put a pillow for her to lay on and it worked. She slept until 6:30am. So, needless to say, Greg didn\’t get much sleep last night and he went into work early! But, at least he gets a break in between visits to catch up and refresh.

Today I called a few places about daycare/babysitting. I only called 3 places and the price difference is huge! One person wanted $225 a week, another wants $125 and the last wanted $75. Obviously, Greg and I can\’t afford the $225. Of the other two, I liked the person that is charging $125. Also, she is located in Columbia, which is the area Greg and I want to look since it\’s located between were we work. Fortunately, Greg only works 15 min from where I work so with us working so close to each other, we felt it was best if we look for a place in that area in case one of us is unable to pick her up. I sent Greg an email and I am just waiting for him to reply so we can set up an interview.

Tomorrow is Valentine\’s Day! I feel bad that I am not able to do what I want to do for Greg this Valentines Day, but I plan on making it up to him once I go back to work and when Amelia is a little older… maybe this summer. But, I did do something for him today and plan on giving it to him tomorrow when he comes over after work. I hope he likes it!

This time last year, it was my last day at PRP and tomorrow would be my first day at Cypress Creek Therapy. My, how much can happen in a year! Who would have thought that a year from then I would be a mother! I should as hell wouldn\’t have! Also, this time last year I was working two jobs! Sheesh, I can\’t imagine doing that right now. It was interesting to read my old posts from last year.

Well, guess I should start dinner while I got her asleep… finally!


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