The picture above was taken from my bedroom window and from my cell phone. It\’s not very clear but I was trying to get a picture of the ice on the trees. It\’s all very beautiful but scary at the same time! All morning I kept hearing the cracking of tree branches and the crashes as they fell.

Our neighbors tree branches fell onto our front door! It\’s like someone sliced the tree in half, long way, and one half stayed up and the other half fell onto our townhouse. No damage was done, thankfully.

I am amazed at how well Amelia slept last night! Especially after her nearly three hours of consecutive crying! I came to a weak point last night during her crying and I started to cry. I guess my hormones haven\’t regulated themselves just yet. But, she slept from like 10-ish until 1am and then until 5am at which point I started to watch the news to see what was going to happen with the closings. Anne Arundel didn\’t close their schools until 5:20am. I was surprised that Charles Co, PG Co. and Montgomery county beat AA to the closings. Howard Co was the last to state their closings, which I was glad that they closed because it meant there was a chance that Gregs office would close and that means that he would come over sooner! He called me at 7:50am to tell me that his office did close and that he would be over around 2 or leave at 2… i don\’t remember… and then he went back to bed.

My mom mailed Amelia her first Valentine\’s Day card! I got it yesterday.

Ugh, the right side of my face is so swollen from my tooth! It hurts pretty bad, so bad that I took one of my percosets that I still have fro my hospital visit. It didn\’t help much. Guess I\’ll go take some tylenol, though I would rather have some Aleve, but I don\’t have any. I asked Greg to bring some over since he bought a mega bottle of it from BJ\’s a couple of months ago.

Oh well. Now that Amelia is asleep, I am going to go clean the bottles and fix something to eat.



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