It\’s Sunday

I had a nice weekend. Greg and I were able to accomplish all our tasks! We FINALLY made it to Books-a-million and we bought 2 books for Ameila; a Richard Scary books (Greg\’s favorite from childhood) and a Dr. Suess book (another one of Greg\’s favorites). We ate lunch/dinner while we where there, looked at a few clothing stores (carters and the childrens place for her, lane bryant for me) and best buy (he bought mario bros 3 for his hand held). We spent a good 2 plus hours at the mall and walked the entire length. Then, after the mall we went to Wal mart. We didn\’t go to the walmart by the mall because for some insane reason it was hella crowded and took forever to get out of the parking lot, so we went to the walmart in glen burnie. We looked at cribs (priced very well) and other baby things. We wanted to get more fuzzy blankets but they were sold out, so Greg bought her two fleece blankets (i like the one with the baby animals) as well as diapers, and wipes. We picked up a few other things (sandwich bags, trash bags, etc) and we were home by 8pm. We fed Amelia, and afterwards, Greg read her the books while I went out to the bank to deposit a check from Van and go to the grocery store (great sale on chicken at Giant). Then, when I returned, Greg and I watched Sin City while Ameila took her cat nap. At the same time, Greg and I were thinking up questions to ask the potential babysitter for the interview tomorrow. Around 10, we go upstairs to finish the move and lay in bed. I fall asleep around 1130-ish, but it was a light sleep. Greg stayed until 12:30am and calls me when he got home. Amelia slept until 3:50am (so awesome) and spent the rest of the night in my bed. Around 930, I decide to stay up and start laundry and clean the kitchen while she is asleep. She doesn\’t stay asleep very long. She\’s been taking half hour naps all day.

Greg called a little after 11am because he found the card that I hid in his night bag. He said it made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Well, I am hungry but I know as soon as I make something Amelia will wake up. Maybe I\’ll have a bowl of cereal.

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