What a Monday!

Sheesh! Was today ever busy at work. It was nonstop phone calls, literally. It was so busy I forgot to log out for lunch! Granted, I didn\’t get to work until close to 12:30 because I had my 6 week postpartum check up today (everything has returned to its normal size, the stitches have healed and everything looks good. I set up a payment plan with the office because I wasn\’t insured at the time of her delivery and I owe over 3K!). The doctor said I could resume all normal activity (gee, I wonder what he meant by that).

So, I didn\’t get to finish writing yesterday due to a phone call and Amelia waking up. I\’ve posted a picture of Amelia that was taken at the party. For some reason, she loves to stand on her feet. Forget \’tummy time\’, she\’s strengthen her neck and back muscles from her \’dancing\’. But, at the moment, I can\’t remember what I wanted to write about anymore.

Oh, now I remember…

but an hour and a half later… I am unable to write. Maybe tomorrow.


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