Yet another lazy Sunday

Aren\’t all babies cute when they\’re asleep? I took the pic above on Friday morning before my Mom left to go home and take care of Van since his back pain became worse. This morning, my Mom calls me at around 8am and tells me that she thinks Van should go to the hospital because the pain is so severe that he feels like he\’s going to vomit. When he went to the doctors a couple weeks ago, the doc diagnosed him with bursitis but we all fell that was an incorrect diagnosis.

Anyway, the weekend went well. I went to Wal-mart on Friday to print a few pictures from my mom\’s and greg\’s camera. I got a frame for greg and one for my grand as a gift and I put a picture of greg and amelia in greg\’s frame and let my grandma pic a picture for her frame. After wal-mart, I drove up to gregs work to bring him lunch and so he could show off Amelia to everyone. I believe just about everyone at his office has met Amelia and I\’ve met them. Then I went home only to realize that I didn\’t have a key to get into the house and had to drive all the way back to gregs office to use his key (which I think I still have…) and then all the way home. I believe it was about 4pm when i got home and I was exhausted. All i wanted to do was sleep and that was the last thing on Amelia\’s mind! So, I took a few cat naps here and there and Greg FINALLY arrived just before 8pm and I was asleep by 9:45. It was good sleep, but still interrupted. Oh how I wish I could sleep one solid night. Such a wish i have… well, anyway Saturday morning arrived, Greg and I gave Amelia a shower (well, I gave her the shower, greg dried and dressed her) then we got dressed and headed down to Deale, MD to show my grandma her great-granddaughter and to introduce Greg to the family (sorta). Grandam loved having a baby in the family again (it\’s been 15 years since the last one was born) and I can\’t wait until next weekend when we all meet at my moms in Nanjamoy, MD where my cousin (April, the one that is 20 weeks pregnant) my uncle will also be so we, April and I, can show off Amelia and share the good news! Oh, and to introduce Greg to my uncle (gee, by then he\’s met everyone in my family and I\’ve only met his brother, Ken). After Grandma\’s, we went to Friday\’s in Annapolis and then home where I spent most of the night going potpot every half hour (and still going)… such fun times!

Today, Sunday, has been pretty low key. Amelia was up every three hours on the dot this morning and stayed up for about an hour each time so I slept about 5 hours last night and was up for good at 730 (though, it\’s still 630 in Amelia\’s time). So far, I\’ve run the dishwasher, changed my sheets on the bed, and I\’ve got a load of laundry in the dryer and one in the washer. Greg is leaving a lot of his stuff here (socks, oh so many pairs of sock, underwear, undershirts, shorts, etc) that I am going to have to give him his own dresser drawer! But don\’t tell him that, he doesn\’t want it to seem like he\’s moving in (LOL – silly dingdong).

Amelia has a new habit; just before she falls asleep, she\’ll grab a handful of her hair and hold on to it. Interesting. Also, she still has a head full of thick beautiful copper, blonde, brown hair. And, her eyes keep changing color from blue to green. So, we have no idea what her hair color or eye color is going to be. My mom and greg both have green eyes, so I am not sure where the blue is coming from… maybe he has blue in his family, who knows. But, my grandma was a redhead and Greg told me his dad is a redhead, so that could be where the copper is coming from. Sheesh, I can\’t wait until she is older. I can\’t wait to see what she is going to look like and what personality she\’s going to have.

Oh! Amelia has become so animated recently! She\’s smiling so much more, and cooing – it\’s all so adorable! I got an awesome picture of her this morning of her smile. It\’s half popeye and half grin. I wish I has the usb cable to upload the picture… Also, Amelia loves the wiggles – that\’s where she\’ll just kick her feet and smile like there is no tomorrow!

Well, Amelia\’s up and hungry… time to go.


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