Baby Update

Amelia had her 2 month check-up this morning. It went well. She cried more being weighed and measured than she did when she got her shots! Such a silly girl. Anyway, here are her stats:

Weight: 10.6 lbs (previously 8.14lbs)

Height: 21.5 inc (previously 19.5 inc)

So, it looks like shes going to be a tall and skinny baby, so far. It was funny, the other day I was reading posts online at and other January babies were weighing in at 14+ pounds at their 2 month check up and I mentioned that to the doctor and he said that I should stop reading, first of all, and secondly her weight gain is fine and that if she did weigh that much, she would be put on a diet. Honestly, having a fat baby was/is a fear of mine (because i\’m overweight and so is greg). But, it looks like she is doing well. I also asked about her feeding because she is still drinking mostly 4 ounces or less and the doctor said that when she wants to eat more, she will. And, I asked about when to start feeding her rice/cereal and such and the doctor said that probably won\’t be until around 6 months even though WIC will start providing me with the cereals around May.

Her next check-up is on May 12 (thankfully it\’s on a Saturday) and she\’ll be 4 months old to the date.


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