Everything that could happen…

… did happen. This morning I had the tooth extraction and anything and everything that could go wrong did go wrong. The tooth is still infected, and none of the Novocaine worked, well… not to the point that I couldn\’t feel anything. My lips went numb and parts of my cheek went numb but I felt every damn thing that happened. At one point they wanted to refer me to a specialist so I could be put under, but since I have the whole day off and Amelia is with the babysitter, I asked if I could be seen today and everyone they, the office, called wasn\’t available. So, basically, I said fuck it and pull the thing out. I was in the office for 2 hours, that\’s how long they were trying to get me numb. They drilled a hole into the tooth to give me a shot of the novocaine directly to the nerve, that hurt but didn\’t work, they gave me like 4 shots on the roof of my mouth, that didn\’t help, they even gave me 2 shots into the abscess which hurt more than the shots in the roof of the mouth and that didn\’t do anything for the pain either. So, I believe I took about 10 or more shots of novocaine and I still felt it all. Yes, the pain was worse than labor! It hurt more than the epidural!!! Oh my god did it hurt! I even cried. I didn\’t cry during labor or my epidural but I cried when the doc was pulling out the damn tooth. So, the tooth made it out and the doc gave me script for vicodin and more penicillin. I go to Giant and while I am there, Greg calls and tells me that the babysitter called him because Amelia hasn\’t stopped crying since 10:45am and I believe it was 11:45 when he called and I told him what did she want us to do and did she give Amelia any tylenol? He said he didn\’t know about the tylenol and that it sounded like she wanted us to pick the baby up and I\’m thinking there is no way I could take care of her hurting the way I am and with me on the vicodin, I just sleep. Well, he calls back about a half hour later and tells me that the babysitter said she was starting to fall asleep and that she gave her the tylenol, so as I write this I am assuming everything is ok. I\’m tempted to call and check, but as soon as I am done with this entry, I am going to sleep.

All the plans I had for today, especially with the weather being so perfect, have been shoot down. I was going to mail out some more thank you cards, make a special dinner, walk the dog, and do something else that I can\’t remember and right now I just want to sleep. Granted, I could still do those things but, even with the vicodin starting to kick in, I just don\’t have the drive anymore. So, I\’ll just lay in my bed with the window open and watch \”The Money Pit\” until I fall asleep.


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