Our Weekend…

The weekend was good and fast! Amazingly, Amelia slept wonderfully on Friday night. Greg and I were asleep by 10:30pm and Amelia didn\’t wake up until 3am, and Greg took care of her at that feeding and I took care of her at the 7am feeding. Friday nights sleep was probably the best sleep I\’ve had since having Amelia! I slept so deep and soundly. It was amazing! Saturday morning was good. Greg and I were both up for good by 10am. Amelia was cooperating, sorta, and we had the family get together to go to! We gave Amelia her shower and around 2 we left for Deale, again. This time Greg drove. We arrived at Petey\’s something or other… I kept calling it Stinky Pete\’s last night… Oh, the place was called Petey Green\’s. Anyway, the place was alright; nothing spectacular or down right nasty – just average. Greg had a good time. He got to watch the basketball games and talk with my uncle (I know at one point they were talking about me but I couldn\’t bring my self to listen because I know I would have cried; it was good stuff Greg was saying and agreeing with to my Uncle). Now, the reason we all got together; telling Grandma about April\’s pregnancy. Well, she was shocked, no doubt about that, but she then began to push the marriage thing on them. They said they were going to do one thing at a time meaning baby first and then marriage. Grandma says it has to be the other way around. She can be old fashioned, at times, but I brought up my current situation and she didn\’t seem to matter and didn\’t mention anything to Greg about having to marry me… so, who knows. Oh, before April told Grandma, earlier in the evening April and I were jokingly planning a \’joint wedding\’, oh the look on Greg\’s face when he heard what April and I were saying! It was funny! But, he knew I was kidding.

On the way down to Deale, Greg and I were on 97 and I asked him if his feelings for me and Amelia were true and not just because he feels has to and he said yes. He also went on to say that he\’s much happier now than he has been in the past with relationships and he is totally enjoying being a father and a parent and he doesn\’t regret a single thing (on Friday, it was slow and I was bored so, I went through old emails that Greg and I had exchanged and there were quiet a few from early Dec that we were talking about putting Amelia up for adoption and how he felt that would be the best choice for her and I was agreeing but I was also torn between him and what to do.). At times, it still feels like the relationship that I have with Greg is a dream. I am still slightly afraid that I am going to say or do something and then the dream would be over. As I\’ve told Greg, I\’ve never felt the feelings I have for him for anyone else before and it\’s slightly scary to me. But, at the same time, I am so happy that I have FINALLY felt what it\’s like to be in-love with someone and I have to say it\’s such an amazing feeling. When I was with my ex, I always had to wonder if I was in-love with him and when I would ask other people \’how do you know when you\’re in-love with someone\’ everyone said \’you know because its something you feel\’, well I never felt \’it\’ for my ex and what I am feeling now for Greg is definitely what I always wondered about. I\’m in such awe.

Well, Amelia has awoken from her catnap, again. I\’m sure I\’ll write more later.


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