69 Truths

Like I said before, I like these little quizs/tests things.
I got this off my cousins MySpace page:

1. single or taken: Taken
2. zodiac sign: aquarius
4. male or female: female
6. elementary: Thomas Stone Elentry, Mr. Rainier Elementry, James McHenry Elementry, Shady Side Elementry, Tracy’s Elementry – Yep 5 elementry schools from grades K-5
7. middle: Southern
8. high: Southern
9. eye color: Brown
10. hair color: Brown
15. are you health freak: only when it comes to sugars
16. height: 5’8″
17. do you love someone: very much
18. do you like yourself: yep
19. piercings you’ve had: 2 in each ear
21. righty or lefty: both
23. first piercing: 2nd grade in both ears
26. first sport: softball
27. first pet: little kitty
28. first vacation: Boston, MA
29. first concert: 1998 WHFS-tival
30. Best Friend: Greg (and Kara, Michele,and Daniel)
31. eating: Nothing at the moment
32. drinking: diet pepsi
33. listening to: other co-workers on the phone

36. want kids? got one
37. want to get married? been there
38. want a big house? mmm.. no, comfortable size is better

39. lips or eyes? eyes
40. looks or personality? personality
41. athletic or lazy? not too lazy
42. intelligence or attraction? both would be nice
43. romantic or spontaneous? both
44. nice stomach or nice arms? doesnt matter
46. hook-up or relationship? used to be hook-up but now relationship
47. body or mind? more mind because it is the personality, but I also like someone who is taller than me

49. kissed a stranger: Yes
50. lost glasses/contacts:yes
51. ran away from home: no, but thought about it
52. broken any bones: nope, yet
54. broken someone’s heart: yes
55. been arrested:nope
57. cried when someone died: yes
58. liked a friend: yep and now we’re together and in-love with each other

59. yourself : yes
60. miracles: not sure
61. love at first sight : probably not
62. Santa Claus: not anymore
63. sex on the first date: sure
64. kissing on the first date: sure
65. angels: not sure

66. Is there one person you want to be with right now? Yes and I am with him
67. Have you really liked someone that you shouldn’t have? yes
68. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time? no
69. Do you believe in God? God, no; Jesus, yes


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