Just talk

During the weekend, Greg and I talked about a few things that involve our future. One comment that he made (and he doesn’t want me to mention this until he makes ‘it’ official) during one of our passionate moments confirmed what I’ve known since last summer. The following day, Sunday, as we were just talking in the hotel room, I asked him what makes his ‘knowledge’ of what he told me different than before (meaning with his exes) and he told me that with them, it was a schedule thing meaning that he felt he had to have this by this age and with me there was no schedule and what he feels is real and deep. He also made a comment about how falling for someone (not necessarily in-love) can fade after a while, yet what he and I have is something that won’t fade (well, at least his feelings for me).

Another item that we discussed were our living arrangements. My lease expires next month meaning I have to be out by July 1. Greg talked to his mom last night and she told him that he could move out and that she will be able to support herself and Ken without his help. So, that means Greg and I will be moving in together this summer. We’ve begun to look at places online and this weekend we are going to go to the actual places to check them out. Last night and this morning, I’ve been stressing about how Greg and I are going to be able to save up for a security deposit with me only making $280 a week after taxes and paying for my half of the babysitter; but, just a few moments ago, I received a phone call from my manager asking for my mailing address and a co-worker over heard me providing the address and told me that they are going to mail me employment information (I had asked the manager if he was going to mail me a card and he said: “no, something better.” and laughed)! So, if this is a fact then that would elevate part of my stress! Now, I just wait for the official word… Gosh, I hope it comes soon; I really need the money.

This morning, my Mom calls at like 6:50 to chat. She said that she and Van miss Amelia already and asked why I didn’t want to keep Amelia for a few more days with them (something Mom stated earlier on Sunday). I told Mom that I wasn’t prepared to have Amelia stay with them longer, plus there was no advance notice for April and she would be loosing money without warning. But, Greg and I are hoping to take a small vacation later this year (assuming things go well financially) and we will definitely be using my Mom to watch Amelia. Also, Amelia will probably be staying with her when we move and just for the hell of it. During the conversation I told Mom that Greg’s Mom told him that she’ll be fine without him and that now Greg and I have to find a place and such and how I was starting to stress about saving money. But, Amelia woke up before we could finish talking so we hung up. Then, about 15 minutes later, Mom calls again to tell me that Greg and I can move into the house in Churchton, rent free and we only have to pay the utilities, until January 2008. I told her that is great, but it’s too far away from where Greg an I work, plus we’d be stressing about moving out right after Christmas and just before Amelia’s first birthday. Her rebuttal was that she would be closer to Amelia. I told her nice try and that I would talk to Greg about this offer at which point I immediately called Greg to tell him and we briefly discussed it and agreed to accept only as an absolute last resort.

I am excited about all of the above (moving in with Greg and our future together) and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen this summer!


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