Weekend Fun

I had another great weekend!

On Saturday, Greg and I got up early and dropped off my car to the place in Millersville. Then, we headed down to Waldorf to meet up with my Mom to drop Amelia off. On the way down, the repair shop calls and tells me that, I defiantly need new rotors and pads and that my rear cylinder is leaking and shoes need to be replaced and to do the entire repair it would cost $551. I called my Mom to tell her and to see if she wants me to do the whole repair and she said to talk to Van since it was his credit card but I wasn’t able to get a hold of him so I only got the front breaks worked on (but, on Sunday when Greg and I were at Mom’s, Van said to go ahead and get the cylinder and rear shoes replaced). Greg and I arrived in Waldorf at 11am and we decide to have lunch together and invited my cousin April, who is 6 months pregnant. April and I were the first two grandchildren born and now she and I have provided the first two great-grandchildren on both sides. So, it was nice seeing April and hanging out and such (she and I are the only 2 girls in the grandchildren bunch; the rest are boys). We ate at the Hong Kong Buffet which Greg declares as the best buffet he’s ever been to. While there, we got a lot of attention due to Amelia. The hostess was hanging out at our table and when she asked to hold Amelia, we allowed and then she walked off to show Amelia off with the other staff members! We, Greg and I, didn’t do anything or say anything, but we kept an eye on the hostess to see what she was going to do. Later, I asked Greg how he felt when the hostess walked off with Amelia and he said that he was concerned, a little. It was funny, he noticed April and I exchanging looks when the hostess walked off. Around 1:15, Greg and I head back to Pasadena to pick up my car (which was ready) and then off to the hotel. Mom, April, and Amelia head off to Wal-mart for some shopping. Greg and I arrive at the repair shop around 2:20 and they are already closed (which I knew they would be but told them to leave my key in the glove box) and we get my car, head back to the townhouse because we forgot a few things and then we head off to the hotel! I, of course, forgot my confirmation information and which hotel we were staying in. I thought the hotel started with a C, like the Courtyard by Marriott but I was way off. The hotel that we stayed at was Homewood Suites by Hilton! So, we check in and head up to our room. Staying in hotels is so much fun! When we arrived at our room we were amazed at how big it was and how it was like a mini apartment! It had a kitchen with a dishwasher and ice maker, a stove, couch, dining area, chair with an ottoman in the first room, the bedroom had a king size bed, mirrored closet and a ceiling fan (which was a huge surprise bonus for Greg; he loves ceiling fans) and then the bathroom which wasn’t anything special. So, Greg and I are amazed with the room and more so with the ceiling fan. We unpack and marvel at the huge comfortable bed and pillows and do a few other things (not going into details, I’m sure you can figure it out) and around 5-ish, we decide to head down to the pool. The pool wasn’t what I was expecting. It wasn’t as big nor as deep. The depth only went to 5 feet! But, there was a Jacuzzi. We weren’t alone either which also sucked. But, in any event, we hung out at the pool for about an hour or so, head back up to the room, take a shower to get the chlorine off, and do some other things (again, I am sure you can figure this out). Around, 9 we head out to get something to eat. We decided to stop off at a grocery store to make a simple dinner (salad and sandwiches), but the Safeway didn’t have much of a selection by the time we got there so we only bought soda and snacks and headed off to Wendy’s. We get back to the hotel room, eat, watch a little tv and then we head off to sleep by 11pm.

On Sunday, Greg and I are up early again. Around 8:30-ish we head downstairs to the breakfast area expecting the usual items of a Continental Breakfast (bagels, muffins, danish, etc) but I was surprised at the other items available; eggs, bacon, pancakes, waffles, yogurt, cereal, juices, and fruit. But, the quality of the food wasn’t all that good but I didn’t care because it was a buffet and free (though, technically, I’m sure the breakfast was included in the price of the room). Greg and I were back in our room around 9:30 and start to pack our things. I believe we left around 10-ish. Afterwards, we headed over to the airport to watch the airplanes. Have I mentioned how much Greg loves airplanes? If not, he’s a huge aviation buff. So, we sit in the observation area at BWI watching the planes come in and take off for about an hour and a half. Then, just before Noon we head off to Nanjamoy to pick Amelia up. We arrived around 1:30 and left a little after 2. This was Greg’s first visit to my parents house. He got to meet Lucy, the horse, and Max, Scooter, and Scout the crazy dogs which all adored Greg. We didn’t get home until about 4:15pm. I fell asleep on the drive home. I was mentally exhausted. It is a long drive to Waldorf and back and then to Nanjamoy and back.

All in all, it was a very refreshing weekend.


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