It’s a Girl!

I called April last night on my way home from picking Amelia up. On Saturday, April told us that she had a doctors appointment for Monday and that they were hoping to learn the sex of her baby. So, I called her and I was like “Well?” and she said “The tradition continues!” and I thought she meant that she was unable to learn the sex because the baby had its legs crossed like last time and I was bummed. But, she said something and all I her was ‘she’ and I interrupted her and said “She? You know what you’re having?” and she said “Yeah, the tradition continues.” and I finally realized what she meant; the tradition being she and I were the first two girls born and now she I had are having the first girls. I nearly cried when I understood what she meant! APRIL’S HAVING A BABY GIRL! I was so excited and giddy and so many other happy emotions! I asked if she told my mom and she hadn’t and I asked if she wanted me to tell her or not and she said she would, then I asked if she told Grandma and she did. I the asked how she took it and honestly, right now I can’t remember what April told me. LOL But, I did just send an email to Grandma to get her opinion.

April and I are so excited about having our little girls grow up together. They are only going to be 6 months apart (give or take) in age. We’re already talking about next Thanksgiving and Christmas and Easter and all the pretty dresses they are going to wear and all the pictures they can take together. If anything, with April having a girl this will probably kick me into buying Amelia girly things (right now, I am so sick of the color pink and getting close to being tired of purple. I am looking for more greens or yellows or reds, something not so girly) although I already have a few cute summer outfits that I can’t wait for her to grow into.

Well, as soon as I hung up with April my Mom called. I asked if she talked to April and she said no and I told her that she should call her because she learned what she’s having. She asked me if I knew and I said yes and I asked her if she wanted me to tell her and she said yes so I told her (she said she was going to call April and pretend to be surprised which I am sure wasn’t that hard to do since we are all so very excited) and my Mom was just as excited as I was (though I believe I was more excited) and she immediately started talking about dresses and pictures at Olan Mills.

YAY!!! I can’t wait until April’s baby is here. Now, we just have to talk about names…


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