It’s only Tuesday


It’s only Tuesday!!! And, work is so slow today.

Currently, our cable is off due to lack of payment so I missed Hero’s last night. Damnit! I got everyone (Sean, Aaron, and Greg) into that show; although it wasn’t that difficult to get Aaron and Sean to watch and Greg came into the show a little late in the season. But, we are planning on paying the cable bill tonight or tomorrow; we don’t want to miss Ugly Betty on Thursday.

Sadly, I don’t really miss tv. I spent over a year watching very little, if any, tv and that was only last year! You see, when Adam moved out I couldnt afford cable anymore so it was shut off. Then, for a long time I was working two jobs and was rarely home so I had no time to watch tv.

Since there is no tv or internet in the house, Greg and I talked and sorta straightned up the kitchen/living/dining area. We talked about nothing really; just random things and such. We actually went to bed rather early, say 11pm-ish.

It’s sad. I don’t have anything to write about and I spent most of my day surfing the internet and taking random quizzes (even more than just the ones I posted on here!) How exciting.


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