Finally, It’s WEDNESDAY

OMG! Yesterday was probably one of the longest days at work that I’ve ever experienced!

When I got home, Amelia was being a good baby so Sean was playing with her while I was cooking dinner and cleaning out the fridge. Once Amelia was asleep, I ran the dishwasher and decided to bake a cake and some cookies! Sean and Aaron were baffled. I had energy and decided to bake. The cake was suppose to be Greg’s birthday cake but when I was transferring the cake from the pan to the dish it broke in half and in pieces! So, I was like “fuck it” and tried to assemble it but I wasn’t so successful. I frosted the cake anyway and allowed ‘the boys’ to have at it. I’ll buy Greg a cake once I get some money.

Speaking of money; I am broke! I don’t have enough money in my account to cover my portion of rent. I am $95 shy of the full $500. I told Sean to go ahead and cash the check and I’ll just let my account go negative. Greg doesn’t like my idea and since he gets paid this week he wants to help. But, I feel weird about it and would rather he pay his bills and such. After all, it’s my fault that I don’t have enough money so it’s my responsibility and I must deal with the consequences. Also, there is practically no food at the house! I believe there are like 2 eggs left and some bacon so I could make breakfast for dinner tonight, if I want. I hate living paycheck to paycheck! I really can’t wait until I am brought on as a permanent employee here. The money and commissions is going to make things so much better! Plus, Greg and I would receive a check each week (his employer and my future employer are on the opposite weeks for the bi-weekly pay schedule)! That too is going to be so awesome! Golly, there are so many things to look forward to once I become a permanent employee!

So, I’ve added a hit counter to my blog. I’ve always been curious as to how many visitors I get (aside from knowing how many people have viewed my profile; plus I always enjoyed seeing how many people read my posts on MySpace) and for a few weeks, off and on, I was searching for a host for the counter and yesterday I found an awesome site! This place gives every detail including the IP Address of my visitors! So, if I wished, I can see where my visitors are reading from! I haven’t searched, yet. Saving this for when there is a really slow day at work and I have absolutely nothing to do.


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