By accident, I received the ‘Welcome Packet’ during my lunch break (the package arrived via Fed Ex and I didn’t know what it was so I opended it). It was suppost to go to the manager, but it was delivered to me. Good thing I was eating lunch at my desk!

So, I immediantly went to the managers office and was like “I received this package.” giving him a fake curious look. He took it from me and then handed it back to me stating the offical stuff. My affective date, if I choose to accept the offer, is May 7th! That’s next Monday!!!!

The manager told me NOT TO look at the packet while at work because it contains confidential information that he doesn’t want others to see (such as my salary). So, since I was on my lunch break, I went directly to my car to see how much they were offering me and it was more than I have ever made! And, this isn’t including commission and enrollment incentives!!!

Horray! Finally the break I’ve been needing! Just in time too!

The only downside is that I will go two weeks without any money! My first check will be on 5/25!!! This is going to be a challenge…


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