Horray for Thursday

Tomorrow is F R I D A Y !! !! !!

About freakin’ time too.

Well, I went through my packet last night and it seems pretty good. The insurance is ok, but anything is better than what I have now (which is practically nothing since I’ve exhausted all possible benefits in January). Greg and I talked about my exemptions because, apparently, I can claim up to 4 on both federal and state! Damn! But, after talking about the exemptions, I decided that I would rather have a HUGE ASS CHECK at tax time than have a little extra money with each check, especially since Christmas and Amelia’s birthday are so close to each other; it would be nice to get some money back to help pay things off. Also, Greg and I calculated what my rate per hour is going to be and it’s more than he’s currently making, if we did everything correctly

So, with all this said, it looks like Greg and I will be doing pretty well together, financially! Which is a huge relief considering how my last relationship was. In fact, Greg and I are planning on opening a joint checking account, something my HUSBAND wouldn’t even do (but in hindsight, I’m glade we never did). I’ve convinced Greg to move his banking to Wachovia; there is a branch right next to Greg’s office and one right next to mine! Hopefully, there will be a branch located near where we move. I’ve been with Wachovia (formally known as First Union) since 2002 and of all the banks I’ve been with, Wachovia is the best! I will never bank with M&T (formally known as Allfirst and 1st something or other); they increased their ‘fees’ too much and for the smallest things, such as using your ATM as debit than credit.

Also, Greg and I are going have our own accounts as well. We are planning on sharing the one account for shared expenses, such as rent, utilities, food, etc. and then having our own money to spend on what we want (our curent debt, cell phone bills, etc). I’m actually looking forward to this, sharing our accounts and whatnot. Plus, I’m getting more exciting about moving in with Greg than I was with my ex! Everything with Greg feels so completely different than what I’ve felt with and for my ex and other exes.


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