Our Weekend of Adventure

This weekend was busy yet slow.

On Friday night, Greg and I hung around the townhouse while all the roommates went out to eat with a friend whose birthday was on Saturday. All the while, Sean, my lovable brother, gave me his credit card to treat Greg and I to dinner (with a limit of $50). I rebutted that I would rather spend his money on food for the townhouse than just a meal for Greg and I and Sean said whatever. So, Greg and I didn’t go out (because Amelia was already asleep) and we hung out on the couch, talking and then moved up to my room.

Saturday, Greg woke up before I did! That is something that has never occurred before. So, we began the day with playing with Amelia until she became hungry (which wasn’t long), fed her, then we showered and proceeded to get the day started.

Greg and I, along with Amelia, started our search for an apartment. We first looked at Dominion apartments because they had a great floor plan, but once we got to their office and talked to them we decided to not go with them; the reason being was they are only accepting short term leases and once the lease is up, they are going to raise the rent $300 because they are remodeling the apartments. I asked what benefits will the tenants receive with the remodel that requires a $300 jump in rent and all they would tell me is that we get new ‘stuff’. So, after that explanation, Greg and I walked out. Afterwards, just on a whelm, I decided to check out Plumtree apartments, or what I thought would be Plumtree. I went down Rogers Ave and ended up at Howard Crossing apartments (the old Town & Country apartments). Greg and I decided to have a look and we liked what we saw and decided to apply. The potential apartment is a one bedroom with a den (Amelia’s room), on the ground floor and is an end unit which means we have an extra window in the kitchen! Also, there is a washer/dryer in the apartment!! So, we should hear today if we got the place or not. Cross your fingers!

After apartment searching, we arrive at Costco’s to pick up some lunch items and something for Tim and Brooke’s party. It was at that point we realized that I’ve lost my brothers credit card! Greg goes back to my car to look for it while I stay with Amelia. Greg couldn’t find it. So, we panic; just a little. We didn’t find anything we wanted to buy at Costco other than water for Amelia (water bottles to keep in the car for when we go out), Vitamin Waters for Greg, string cheese for Greg’s lunches and a few small things. All in all, we only spent $33.66. Cheap!

After Costco’s, we head back home to change and feed Amelia, start the laundry, and do a few other things. Then, we head back out to Giant since we didn’t find anything at Costco’s for the party. But, while we were at the house, we find Sean’s credit card!!! Hooray! So, I use it to buy groceries for all. Giant has a sale on Purdue’s Perfect Portions chicken, which I love; especially the Italian flavor. So, I picked up a bag of chicken for the party as well as a few other things and my total came to $51.18; slightly over the $50 limit. After we return from the store, we hang around for a little while; play a little Xbox 360 (LOVE geometry wars), decide to give Amelia a bath (she hates baths but loves showers. go figure) and feed her for the night. Once Amelia is down, Greg and I enjoy each others company for a little while longer and then he heads home and I start a baking craze again; this time all cookies. I baked four different types of cookies that probably came out to about 3 or 4 dozen, give or take. Afterwards, I go to bed and by now it’s probably 10:30 or 11pm.

Sunday, I wake up at 8am, feed Amelia, call my Grandma about Mother’s Day plans and learn that my Uncle Pat (my grandfathers brother) isn’t doing so well; he has cancer all over his body and there is nothing they can do for him now; just like my Aunt back in 2005). My mom mentioned that my uncle was in the hospital but it sounded prosperous. Plus, she wanted to take Amelia to see him. After talking to Grandma, Amelia and I ended up taking a nap together. Then, around 10am, my Mom calls to discuss Mother’s Day plans and I told her that I talked to Grandma and so forth and so on. The call is brief because I need to get Amelia and myself ready to get Greg for Tim and Brooke’s party which begins at noon. So, I leave the townhouse around 11:15am and call Greg to tell him that I am on my way and he starts to freak because, apparently, he called on Saturday night and told me to come around noon and I agreed; well, I honestly don’t remember the phone call. So, he asks me to kill time so he can help bring in the groceries and take a shower before I arrive, oh, and he forgot to mention to his mom that I was stopping by. yeah. So, in any event, I arrive at his place a little after 11:30 and just sit in the car and play with Amelia. Not too long after I arrive, Greg calls and I tell him that I am here and he walks out and we go to his apartment where we change Amelia and begin to feed her while Greg looks up directions and begans to make his dip. Eventually, we leave and head over to Pikesville. It’s been ages since I’ve driven on 695! It was kinda surreal at the same time because as we were going over the I-70 overpass, the triple level bridge, a memory came to mind: When I would drive up to see Adam, passing the over pass ment that I had 20 more miles to go. It was strange. Anyway, we arrive at Tim and Brooke’s and we were the first to arrive! So, we got the tour of their cool house with a HUGE backyard, chatted a bit and then others began to arrive (so more co-workers and some of Tim and Brooke’s friends). It was so nice meeting other people. Amelia was a hit with Lauren (one of Time and Brooke’s friends), there was horseshoes and croquet to play. Greg did all the grilling and everything tasted perfect. I was surprised to learn that Greg likes hummus! The afternoon was great, a little chilly with the breeze, so Tim gave me one of his jackets to wear. Aww, such a nice guy. All in all, I had a lot of fun! Greg and I left around 4:30 and I was home by 5:40. The night was uneventful. Amelia went to bed early, like 6:30pm, and Aaron and I played on the Xbox 360 for a bit (Alien Homid, or something like that).

How was your weekend?


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