Mother’s Day

This is going to be my first Mother’s Day. Aprils too, though her baby isn’t here, yet.

Mother’s Day has changed for me, though not because I am now a Mother…

Mother’s Day 2005: I was visiting my Mom in Nanjemoy. Adam had moved out of the apartment not even two weeks prior. A lot of adjustments were going on in my head. While at Moms, we had a little cook-out and my Aunt Ellie stopped by with my cousin Danny. She brought over crabs and Mom and I ate them (she and Danny had their fill at the campground and what Aunt Ellie brought were the left overs) while chatting and the sorts. Mom had just gotten a new cell phone and she was asking me to show her how to use it and set up the voicemail. Aunt Ellie (my Moms sister) decided to do the greeting for my Mom and it goes like this: “Hi! You’ve reached Sue. Leave your name and number and if I like ya, I’ll call you back.” My mom hated it and asked us to change it, but we never did.

href=””> The link are to the photos I took on Mother’s Day 2005.

On December 5, my aunt passed away due to cancer. She wasn’t aware she had cancer until October 2005 and died about 7 weeks later. My last memory of my Aunt Ellie, when she was full of life, was on Mother’s Day 2005. And, to this day, we have not changed the voicemail greeting on my Mom’s cell phone.

Aunt Ellie is Aprils Mom and now April is going to be a Mom without her Mom here (physically). I don’t know what I would do without my Mom here with me; especially now that Amelia is here and knowing how bad my Mom wanted to be a Grandma.


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