Customer Serivce Representatives

I am a Customer Service Representative. Not by choice, mind you.

I’ve lost my train of thought for this posting; probably due to the fact that my brain is mush for any and all comprehension and things related. The calls today have been very frequent and constant. The callers have been mind numbingly stupid.

Why do I keep settling for customer service jobs? This isn’t my career choice, nor anywhere close to what I want to do as a career. But, I am good at what I do as a CSR. My evaluation rates have been in the upper nineties and I’ve remained in the top 3 overall for the company score wise. I just have the ability to sell and provide excellent service skills (as I’ve been told).

It’s weird to be on the opposite side of the phone; when I call customer serivce about an issue or a questions. I constantly compair my work ethic vs the one that I am speaking with (my ethics are much higher than theres).

Ugh, it’s just one of those days…


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