Comcast, how I hate thee

Oh, let me tell you about Comcast this morning!

Ok, so they were scheduled to arrive between 7-9am. At 8:37am, I call Comcast to confirm that a tech was to arrive and the guy I spoke with said they guarantee someone will be here by 9am. At 8:57, the tech calls me to tell me that he JUST got the service order and that he will be a half hour to an hour late! I told him that he’s got to be joking and he said no and that he was coming from Crofton. Fine. I call Comcast back and bitch to them about what just occurred and the dude was like, ‘we don’t guarantee when a tech will arrive or not, blah blah blah, and I was like, yeah, well when I move I will not be returning to Comcast and he was like ok and I hung up on him. I was pissed. Then Greg calls me and I told what was going on and he told me to just leave and go to work. I said I would wait the half hour and see if the guy arrives. Yeah, so as I was getting ready to leave the dude arrives. Figures, huh. So, the dude comes in and I tell him what’s going on an all and he goes outside to set everything up. Well, after about 10 minutes he comes back in and tells me that the line has been cut because he can’t get a signal or anything. I was like, what?! And he was saying something along the lines of having to have another tech come and dig the lines or something… I was like you gotta be kidding me! And at that point I was like, forget it. I’ll cancel my service order. Well, he said he’ll keep looking to make sure. An hour an a half later… we have cable and internet.

I was in a meeting for about an hour and a half this afternoon and when I returned, there was a voicemail on my cell phone from Comcast asking for feedback about todays service! Oh, I can’t wait to call them when I get off of work!

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