Since last Tuesday, the 8th, work has been hella busy! Practically non-stop. Some days, it’s so bad that I don’t want to talk to ANYONE on the phone after I leave work because I spent nearly 8 hours talking to idiots. If you’ve worked as a customer service rep in a call center, you can relate.

The call center that I work for is fairly small. I’d guess there are less than 20 reps that are on the phones at all times. That’s pretty small if you think about it. The call center is divided into teams; Me and two others are in the team. It can be slow at times. The rest of the call center is generally basic customer service (meaning account verification, billing questions, cancellations, etc). The issue that I’ve been having to deal with for nearly a month is practically no help with the phone calls between 1-2pm because the other team members go to lunch. And, with the call volume being as high as it’s been (due to accts renewing (retention)), I’ve been alone to handle the calls. I’ve expressed my stress to my supervisor and the manager and they say they are working on adding more people to the ‘group’ but have yet to do so and I’m starting to wonder if they ever will.

Well, I had to vent. I don’t feel any better but at least its out there.


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