Little did I know…

Below is a note, and responce, to my primary care phyisian…

10/4/06 16:31
Ham hi its actually dr ham. don’t know why first message failed. i think you may b having bladder spasms. try some cranberry juice and if the symptoms persist or worsen i will see you next week for a brief visit. take care, dr h

10/4/06 16:24
Patient Follow-up Question: Dr. Fr, I see that you replied, but there is no message. Could you please resend? Thank you for your attention to this. Jess

10/4/06 15:57

10/3/06 21:31
Patient Dr. for the past 2-3 weeks, I’ve been feeling an annoying ‘twitch’ on or from my bladder area. It is sometimes painful, but the twitch lasts maybe a sec, but is very frequent at all times of the day. There has been no change in urine color, odor, or frequency. There is no pain after the twitch ends. I don’t know if this is something that will go away with time or if this is something that should be looked at. At the current time, I don’t have insurance, but if it’s urgent, I will set and appt

A little over a month later I took a pregnancy test and the result was positive. Little did I know that the twitches were from Amelia. Funny how life works, huh?


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