The Hunt Continues

Yeah, I forgot to mention earlier that Greg and I didn’t get the apartment we applied for a few weeks back. They didn’t give us a real reason, but I believe it was one of two reasons and I’m honestly hoping it wasn’t the later.

There are a few places in Glen Burnie that Greg and I are considering looking at and applying for, but right now we are really hoping that we will get this condo that he found on He’s talked to the owners and they seem really eager to get the place rented! The condo has two bedrooms, one bath, a fire place, washer/dryer and everything else we are looking for, plus it’s on the ground level but considered on the second floor. The place is in Elkridge, so it isn’t too far from work and it would be on the way to the babysitters. Anyway, the guy called last night asking if we’d be able to move in before July 1 and he hasn’t even met us yet! Aparently, we are the only people that have responded to his ad; bonus points for us!

In anyevent, we are crossing our fingers for the Condo but keeping things realistic and will continue to search.


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