I am so pissed right now. I haven’t felt this angry in a long, long time.

Here’s the story:

A little history…
Dave and I have been friends since 1996/1997. We met online and in April 1997 he flew from TN for us to meet. He was a freshman in College and I was a senior in HS. We did the online/long distance dating thing for nearly a year after we met. Dave was my first for everything. I ended it with Dave in July 1997 because of Jay even though Jay and I never move on with our friendship/relationship also because of my choice… but we remained friends for a couple more years until we lost touch around 2000/2001

Dave and I start talking to each other again and it’s like there wasn’t anytime between us. We started talking on a regular basis and for long periods of a time. During some of our marathon conversations, I would receive phone calls from other friends and would do a 3 way conversation and one of those said friends was Melissa. Well, after a few weeks Dave and Melissa started talking and they developed a relationship that lasted a few months. Dave and I talked nearly every night for 2 years…

August 2006…
Dave moved to OK with his friend Trish and her family. I didn’t have Trish’s phone number so I would send Y! messages or emails to him without any responce. Melissa would keep me updated because she still talked to Trish. Melissa gave me Trish’s phone number and I called and left a message and never got a reply…

This morning I sent Dave a text message asking him if we’re still friends or should I say good bye. A few hours later he replies with good bye. And my reply was “Seriously, after 10 yrs” and he said “Yeah babe… good luck with life” So this starts a conversation where he tells me that he’s decided to cut all ties with everyone and from his words it sounded like Trish, his friend that he’s living with, asked him to do this because there is so much ‘drama’ going on. I asked what he was referring to because he and I haven’t talked in nearly a year, even though I’ve attempted numerous times to keep in touch with him, and then stated that it sounded like Trish was being controlling. In the end, Dave tells me “LOL, whatever!… Please just leave me alone babe…” and I stop texting him. THEN, a few minutes later Trish starts sending me text message telling me where do I get off saying she’s controlling Dave. I in responce told her that that was my interpertation of what Dave said and that obviously it was a misunderstanding and she relied with “K”.
Then Dave accuses me of lieing! He tells me that I never called and left a message for trish or him whereas I went through my old cell phone statement and provided him the exact time and day that I called both numbers. In the end he still chose to drop me as a friend. I said fine, his loss and asked why he was being an ass to me and his reply was because I won’t leave him alone and my FINAL reply to him was “Fuck you, Dave. YOU are the one who ruined what was a great friendship. You’ve changed since last summer and not for the good.” and Dave replied “Well, I have changed! I can recognize a game when I see one! Please please please just leave me alone.” I reply with “What game? If you’re going to ignore me please provide an honest answer as to why.” and he replies with “Okay, I’m gonna ignore you!” and I reply with “That just proves you don’t have an honest answer. Fine. I’m done trying.” and he replies “Is that honest enough?” and “What do you want? That’s an honest answer” and I reply “You’re telling me that I am nothing but a game. What game are you talking about? And all you say is that you’re goign to ignore me, and I don’t see an honest reason why. I have barley talked to you and I am confused about what u mean by game.” Then, after about 5 minutes Dave sends a reply that states “Goodbye”.

I am done. David E. Riggs is a piece of shit and isn’t worthy of my friendship anymore. What an asshole. Dave, if you ever find this blog, I want you to know what a fucking asshole you are. You’re spineless and can’t stand up for yourself. No wonder you can’t keep a girlfriend or a job. You deserve everything that you get in your life from now one. Fucker!


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