So much done!

I can’t believe how much Mom and I were able to complete in 5 hours!

I left work just before 1:30 and was in Waldorf in less than an hour. Traffic was pretty light. Mom and I met at the Mall and began our adventure. First, we stopped at Lane Bryant and did a little shopping. Mom bought me 2 capris, something I’ve never worn before, 2 new tops, 2 new bras and 5 pairs of underpants. Mom bought herself a top as well. You won’t believe what the total came to… $300!!! Yeah, and we bought everything on sale, except for the capris. Day-um!

After Lane Bryant, we ate a late lunch an then went to Claire’s. There, we got some earrings, headband, and necklaces. Not too bad. Then, we went shoe shopping and I got two new pairs of shoes and mom bought a pair for herself. Now, while we were at the she store, Mom realized that the Lane Bryant bag was missing! $300 worth of clothes gone! During this realization, I was feeding Amelia so I tell Mom t go retrace our steps to find the bag while I finish feeding Amelia. Mom finds the bag at Claire’s. Whew! Once the bag was found, Mom went into Old Navy to look for a dress for Amelia to wear at the funeral and to my surprise, and hers as well, she was able to find a cute dress for $8! Way to go Mom!

After Old Navy, we were done and head out to the viewing. While on the way there, I call Cousin April to see if she was going as well and we chat it up for a few. Once Mom and I arrive at the viewing, Amelia was the most popular person there and she was hamming it up to! She was all smiles for everyone and talking away! So many people held her and she didn’t even cry and get fussy. I was so happy too. Mom caught up with the Huntt side of the family while I played with Amelia. Not too long after we arrived, April arrives and we hang out for a bit. I went up to Uncle Pats casket and it was too weird looking at him. He looked like my Poppop except he had white hair while Poppop still had dark brown. My Poppop died when I was in the 6th grade, so roughly 15 years ago this past April. It was just weird.

After the viewing, Mom and I went and got our hair done and cut. The lady that did my hair went a little too short! The hair doesn’t even touch my shoulders anymore. But, I kinda like it. My curls come out so it kinda looks good. Mom says she loves it. Can’t wait until tomorrow to see what everyone else thinks. After the hair cuts, we ran into Safeway to get a few things. While I was in there, I took a picture of me with my camera phone and sent it to Greg’s email. Later, I called Greg and told him to check his email because I wanted to know what he thought and the first word out of his mouth was ‘Wow” and I asked if that was a good wow or a bad wow and he said good. Just wait until he see’s it tomorrow when I get home.

Well, I never did get my letter from HR telling me what my hourly rate is. But, from what I was told, the salary they quoted me is correct, but the letter has to ay the hourly rate due to my position. And, tomorrow is finally payday! I can’t wait to see what the check is going to be. Also, I really hope the direct deposit was completed before payday. I never understood why employers tell me it may take 4-6 weeks to complete a direct deposit set up when Office Team did it in less than a week! Bah, humbug!

Anyway, it’s almost midnight and I am finally starting to feel tired.


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