Saturday Update

Such a busy two days!

Friday Funeral was nice, for a funeral. Amelia was a wonderful baby! Although, she let out a few loud farts and I was hoping that no one heard them. LOL

The service after the party was nice. I had to rush because I wanted to get to work to pick up my check since the direct deposit didn’t go through. Traffic was a bitch on 295, my car started to over heat because I wasn’t moving faster than 10 miles per hour so I had to turn the heat on full blast! Do you recall how hot it was on Friday? Remember that temperature and then add to it the temperature of sitting on a parkway. Mis-re-a-bull! But, I arrived at the office before the chick was to leave. My check wasn’t as big as in my dream, but it wasn’t that far off! The bank closed before I could deposit it. Damn. Because, my account went into the negative. Oh well. At least I am still able to pay every bill for this month and some of Greg’s and still have money left over.

Greg and I checked out the condo today. It was smaller than I was expecting, but not horrible. The only thing that might be against us is that the owner wants someone in ASAP and Greg and I won’t have the money to do it. Also, there are other people interested in the place and they could be more financially ready than Greg and I. But, we’re crossing our fingers. I asked my Magic 8 ball if we were going to be offered the condo and it said ‘signs point to yes’. So, wish us luck!

It’s nice having Amelia back. She’s so talkative now a days! She’s starting to say ‘mmmmm’ and ‘bbba’ and ‘aaauuuuuu’ as well as her usual shrieks and shrills. She was so popular at the funeral home and after the funeral services. People wouldn’t let me leave when I started to say good-bye. Everyone wanted to see Amelia and talk about her and such. It took me over 40 minutes to get to my car when I initially started to say my good-byes. Sheesh!

Greg told me that he is working on 3 surprises for me. Two of which he hopes to be able to do this year (one is definate) and the third within a year or so. I believe they are all travel surprises. I asked him if there was going to be a surprise within a surprise, such as an proposal, and he knew exactly what I was hinting at and said ‘no’ with a laugh. Silly Greg. Also, he was looking at European cruises that we could take for a honeymoon! I take it Greg is keen on the idea of a cruise. He was showing me the website that he found and the rooms on the cruise. Ugh, it was so amazing. I really hope that we’re able to do that as a honeymoon. The airfare and everything else would be around 11K all together. Yeah, that’s as much as a wedding! But, I would rather spend the money on a potentially once in a life time trip than on a party that is really for other people and Greg feels the same.

Well, Greg and I are going to go out to eat and celebrate my new paycheck! Off to Texas Roadhouse! I’m in the mood for beef!


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