The weekend that never ended,

It seems like this weekend has been slowed down by time. I am so ready to go back to work.

Greg and I have been so lazy today. We stayed in bed until 11am. Amelia even slept until 11:30am! She did wake up and play around 8am, but was back asleep by 9-ish.

At least I straightened up the kitchen some, made lunch and started the laundry (which Greg carried downstairs for me).

It looks like it’s just going to be Greg, Amelia, and I for the day. Sean is at work and I don’t know where Aaron is. Not complaining though.

Amelia is almost rolling over completely. She will roll onto her side and then back onto her back. Did I mention that she is sucking on her thumb nowadays? She looks so cute when I check on her and she’s got her thumb in her mouth. I would have taken a picture, but I just found my camera this morning. So, I plan on uploading new pictures soon.

Greg and I are planning on going to the carnival this evening, weather permitting. There is a carnival right down the street from the townhouse. It has a ferris wheel and I want to get a picture from atop the ferris wheel, especially at night with all the carnival lights on and such. I think it will look neat. But, we shall see.

I wish I had the energy that I had yesterday today. There are so many things I want to do today but I just don’t have the desire to do them. And, it feels like a waste of a day, especially with Greg here and he’s able to help me.

It’s still weird to think that Greg and I are a parent. Greg is so in love with Amelia. He’s more than willing to get up and do anything for her. When he stays the night, he takes care of her so that I can have a break. And, this means that he wakes up how ever many times Amelia fusses at the wee hours of the morning for her nook.

The grilling turned out pretty good last night. Sean even ate a hamburger! He’s given up beef and rarely eats beef. Last night, Sean told me the hamburger was pretty damn good. I make some pretty awesome hamburgers on the grill. Greg loves ’em too. I remember the first time I made hamburgers on the grill for Greg. He told me that those were the best hamburgers he’s ever had! That was last year. The one thing I miss about my apartment was grilling every night, or whenever I had a free night (basically when I wasn’t working at either job). I enjoyed living on my own. I had my moments when I wanted company, but it felt great to be able to support myself. It sucked that I didn’t do anything but work, though. But, at least it’s something that I got to exeriance.

On Saturday, Greg and I went to Texas Roadhouse. We decided to celebrate my recent hire and to make this our last outting until we have a place. So, we decided to get what ever we wanted rather than try to keep the bill under a certain amount. I was very hungry on Saturday night! So, here is what I ordered: the blooming onion thing, the steak and ribs combo with a ceasar salad and mashed potatos, all the while snacking on their hot rolls and cinnimon butter and drinking soda. Greg ordered the snake bites and grilled salmon with a ceasar salad and loaded baked potato, all the while snaking on the rolls and soda. I ate everything except for the onion thing. Greg said he’s never seen me eat so much. LOL Usually, when we go out, I don’t finish everything because I get full so quickly. Well, not Saturday night. Although, once we were done, I felt like I was going to puke. I have never eaten that much in one setting and I don’t think I ever will again.

Well, I should start doing something…


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