Something positive has happened!!!

This afternoon, Mom, Greg, Sean, Aaron, Amelia and I went to the potential complex that I was ‘approved with conditions’ with, checked it out and accepted!! The townhomes look great! In fact, Sean and Aaron liked them so much they even applied and accepted a unit! And, for the referral, Greg and I are going to get a $250 bonus check from the rental complex. Good times! Mom was excited because we’re all going to be living practically next door (but more like across the parking lot).

Greg and I are moving in June 28 and Sean and Aaron are moving in July 20th. This works out great because Sean and Aaron can help Greg and I move and then we can help them move.

This morning, Mom and I gave Amelia a bath in the kitchen sink. Check out the pictures on my Flickr account. There are a few really cute pictures.

So, the landlord is coming over tomorrow. Maybe. We never know when she’s really coming over. She cancels all the time. But, in any event, we’ve been cleaning since about 10:30pm. I cleaned the upstairs bathroom, sorta. I need to buy more comit to clean the tub. Greg and I started the kitchen. Then, Sean, Aaron, and I actually started packing the living/dining room! OMG, we’ve actually begun to pack!!

Also, this past Friday, I received the signed divorce papers! I just hope everything is correct. I don’t know when I am going to be able to go to the court house in Annapolis; I am thinking on the days that I am going to request off for the move.


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