Manic Monday

Ugh, so much stress in my life right now!

Mainly, I am stressing about the car repair bill and making sure that Greg and I are going to have enough money to move in at the end of the month. I hope to find out soon.

This morning I called AA America to notify them that I am having my car towed to another garage. I paid the $80 they charged for ‘looking’ at the Pontiac. I called the place that worked on my breaks to see if they do other types of service and they don’t. So, when I asked if they could recommend a repair shop, and they did. I called the other shop and told them what’s going on. They said they would be more than willing to look at my car without a deposit! LOL And, they will go get the car. I am so scared to hear what’s wrong with the car and how much it’s going to cost.

Greg called me twise yesterday after the inital conversation. I didn’t answer the phone. I did call him back before 5pm and I was still mad at him. I called him a little after 11pm and we talked for about a half hour. I wasn’t as mad by then, but I was still not over it. Today, I am pretty much over it. There is too much going on to dwell on what happened yesterday. Besides, Greg is coming over tonight and I plan on taking full advantage of him. So, he’s going to attend to Amelia and I am going to start going through my old clothes, Amelia’s clothes and other items. I really want to start packing and throwing things away. I don’t want to repeat what I did last year when I moved (which was pretty much pack the day of the move). At least I am not pregnant this time (even though I didn’t know I was pregnant when I moved last year).

Here’s a post I wrote on July 3, 2006:

I hate moving…
When it comes to moving, I’d rather do the clean up and unpacking than pack the shit and move it and then unload it… which is pretty much all that I did yesterday. Greg and Sean did A LOT of the work, but I did help… some… I stayed out of their way when they were unloading the truck and put most of the stuff away at night.

But, what a stressful day that was! At 8am, Sean calls me and tells me that he can’t find his wallet which means he can’t get the uhual, which means I’m stuck. So, I call mom and tell what happened and she was mad, a little, and said that she would pay for the truck since I was offering to pay, even though I have about $90 left in my account to last me two weeks. So, then I call Greg to let him know what was going on since he was suppost to come over around 9:30 to start helping and Greg offeres to help pay for the truck as well (and I told him that I would pay him back when I get the money from mom). I was so thankful of Greg’s gesture to help that I bought him a thank you card when I went to wal-mart. But, as I was leaving wal-mart and heading to the uhual place, Sean calls and tells me that he has found his wallet (even though we cancelled the order. But, he was able to get a truck anyway, and he arrived around noon and we had loaded up must of everthing thing by 3 and we were leaving the apartment at 3:20 and we had unloaded everything by 4:30 at the townhouse and then Sean was on his way to his place to pack and stuff. So, I spent the first night at the new place all alone. I didn’t get to sleep until 2am and then I was up and dressed and ready to leave at 6:30. I am going to sleep well tonight. Also, I am going to be working from open to close at the clinic, so I will be exhausted when I get home. But, I have off tomorrow and Greg and I are going to Oregon Ridge to see the BSO and fireworks. I’ve never been there before and have always wanted to go when Adam and I were together… but never did. Oh, it was funny… Sean and I were talking about something in the old kitchen and I accidentally called him Adam and Greg was like… what did you call him? so, that was kinda funny.

Greg is very excited that we’ve finally found a place to call ours. We can start our family. Plus, he loves, just as much as I do, to go shopping for home accessories. On Saturday, we were talking about things we need and drawing on the floor plans where to put our furniture. One thing we might not agree on, right now, is where to place his computer; he wants to put it in our bedroom. I say no and that there is plenty of room downstairs. We shall see how this goes in a few weeks.


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