Feeling Pretty Good

I received my second pay check today! My bank account has never had this much money in it before and it feels so damn good! I took a screen shot of the account and plan on saving it because I know I will never see this amount again. Sad, yes, but that’s life.

I’ve changed my exemptions from 1 to 4! This will allow me to get more money with each pay check to help pay the car payment and insurance. Since I’ve gone half of 2007 with only one exemption, I am still expecting a huge tax refund next year.

Ugh, it’s so freaking hot in the office today. What sucks about this complex is that the heat/ac isn’t individually controlled, meaning that one unit and temperature is for the ENTIRE BUILDING! Who the hell designed this set-up? Anyway, I’m miserable and cranky because I am starting to perspire at my seat. We’ve already turned off the lights and closed all the blinds in our room and it’s still freaking hot.

This morning, Sean went over the April and Brian’s, our babysitter, to fix their a/c unit. Sean is only doing this because of Amelia; he doesn’t want his niece suffering in the Maryland heat. Sean is so kinda, he’s not even charging them to fix their unit! And, from what Sean tells me, it would normally cost them about $800. I told him he should at least bill them for something, especially since he’s missing work to fix their unit. Sean doesn’t want to impose on them for money. So, I am thinking that once Greg and I are set at the townhouse at the end of the month, we are going to buy him something nice with our referral money. Maybe. I haven’t talked to Greg about this.

Greg and I are also talking about finding a new babysitter/daycare provider. It upsets us that April doesn’t really do much with Amelia, especially with Amelia in her most important developmental phase of life. As far as I know, Amelia sits in front of the TV when she’s with them. I honestly don’t know if she actually plays with Amelia or not, but when I drop her off in the morning, she puts her in front of the TV or fish tank and when I pick her up in the evening, she’s in front of the TV. Occasionally, they will be outside when the weather is nice.

This morning, I talked to my insurance agent about the Nissan. Of course, my premium went up. For the month of June, it went up $201 making my payment $285. My policy renews in July and the annual premium for both cars would be $175 a month with full coverage. Not as bad as I was expecting. But, I still need to get the Pontiac off the policy and I can’t do that until I turn my tag in. I called Greg this morning letting him know and he actually became upset about the ‘rules’ (meaning that I have to turn the tag in before I can remove the car from my insurance). You see, Greg has USAA for his car insurance. USAA is military insurance and isn’t available to anyone unless you 1. marry a covered person, or 2. are the offspring of someone that was in or currently is in the service and since Greg’s dad was in the National Guard, he is eligiable for USAA. When I spoke to Greg about my insurance rate he said something along the lines of “we really have to get married soon for all the financial benefits”. I was like, “What?!” and told him that I will not marry him for money and I don’t want him to only marry me for money. LOL, it was a funny moment. Greg and I are pretty sure we’re going to marry each other and spend the rest of our lives together. He, and I agree with him, just wants to wait until we’ve moved in together to make sure we can tolerate each other. But, I have a gut feeling that all is going to go well and that a year from now, I will be engaged to Greg. We just need to wait and see.


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