Shop, Spend, and Enjoy

Greg and I did so much today!!

Once we were up and showered and dressed, we went to Wachovia to get a money order. I decided to pay the rest of the security deposit since I had the money available. Sean and Aaron went with us to do the same. Ugh, I will never get another money order from the bank. They charged me $5 for a piece of paper!

So, once we got the money order, we went to the Pontiac to get the tag off and after that Sean and Aaron headed to the rental complex and Greg and I headed to the MVA Express in Columbia to turn in my tag. Greg and I had a small argument on the way to the MVA. We’re over it now. He just didn’t agree on my parking when we stopped to get the tag off the Pontiac. So, once we arrived at the MVA Express, the line was practically out the door! But, there was no line for the tag drop-off station!! And the reason why was because it was closed. Bastards! So, I had to drop off the tag in their drop box. I really didn’t want to do that because I wanted my receipt to fax to my insurance agent and get the Pontiac off ASAP. Meh, I’ll just wait until I get the letter in the mail.

Once we were done at the MVA Express, we headed over to the rental complex to give them the rest of the security deposit. And, to our surprise, Sean and Aaron were still there! So, we finished our business at the same time and decide to head over to Bennigan’s for lunch. For the four of us, food, drinks, and alcoholic beverages, the total was $82! I was expecting over $100. I treated everyone to lunch and Sean paid the tip. While there, Amelia was the main attraction from all the female servers.

After lunch, we all headed over to Target to do a little window shopping for our up coming move. Plus, we wanted to get a teething ring for Amelia. She is growing her first tooth! We can see the little white spot on her lower gum line! Yeah, I ended u spending $110. I bought Greg his Father’s Day present, a ice tea maker. Something that he’s been looking for for a while. We also picked up more nooks for Amelia, salt and pepper mills, cards for Greg and Van, soda’s, Reisen candies (for work) and other things that I can’t think of at the moment (it’s 9:00pm as I write). After Target, we went to Giant to pick up formula but they didn’t have enough (I use WIC), but we picked up other items (cereal, cheese, milk, juice) with my WIC checks as well as a few other items, like watermelon! I can’t wait to try the watermelon tomorrow.

Once we made it home, Greg put the stuff away while I played with Amelia. She’s extremely talkative now a days. Earlier this morning, Greg recorded Amelia’s babble and later I am going to post it on YouTube and put it on here for all to listen. Her talks are so adorable.

Amelia fell asleep around 6:45. She only ate 2.5 bottles today. That’s not much, compared to her normal consumption. But, I think she has the same eating habit as me; little, if any, appetite when it’s hot outside.

Once Amelia was asleep, Greg and I layed in bed and talked about the future and past, as well as the concern on his mind. I can’t write about his concern because it’s personal, at least on here. But, it could have a huge impact on our life and where we can live. His concern isn’t going to make me not want to live or marry him, I know the truth of what happend. In due time, everything will be over.


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