17 Days and Counting…

I am so freaking excited about moving! Today, I’ve called BG&E to transfer the service to my new address, I’ve called my car insurance agent to remove the Pontiac from my insurance policy and am waiting for the faxed paper to sign and what not.

*~*~*~*~* Fast Forward to 4:25pm *~*~*~*~*

Today has been insanely busy, which doesn’t help matters when we’re short on staff.

During my lunch, I read my blog entries from this time last year on Y! 360 (which is still private, but I’m working on that) and MySpace (www.myspace.com/frye79). It’s interesting to go back in time. OMG! I so remember the drama I went through with CCTA and Weis! It’s hard to believe that I left Weis last June 17th. That’s the day I cut my finger on one of the meat slicers. I was lucky enough not to cut it off, but I did get the tip! There was so much blood too! I even put on a size small glove to use a tourniquet to help stop the bleeding, which worked a little, but there was still some pretty significant bleeding. After a few hours, the bleeding did stop and a scab formed. I now have a scar on the tip of my finger! My finger print will never be the same. Boo-hoo. LOL

Last night, while Sean and I were cooking dinner, we were talking and he said that he wants to have a baby. I asked him if he’s enjoyed having Amelia around and he said yes. Sean is also happy that we’re going to be living close together after the move (practically across the parking lot). I am happy to have him around and for him to see Amelia reach her milestones.

I love listening to Amelia ‘talk’. It’s like she’s telling a story in her words. She will babble and then shriek for joy and then babble some more. I really need to upload the video clip that Greg took yesterday morning.

Also, Amelia doesn’t cry in the morning when she’s hungry. On Sunday, she slept until 9:30am and that was when Greg and I woke her! We gave her a shower and then fed her and by then it’s was 10:30am! Greg and I were wondering if we should be concerned about her recent sleeping and eating changes, but decided to see how she was for the rest of the day; and she was fine. Although, last night she was a sreaming terror around 6:45-7:00pm. Around 7:30, I took her upstairs and gave her some baby tylenol to help her teething pain and she feel asleep within 15 minutes and was out for the night!

Greg and I talked about opening our joint checking about with Wachovia. He wants to wait a little longer, until June 23, but I honestly can’t wait that long so we’re going to go to the bank this coming weekend! And, Wachovia has a promotion going on that they will give $25 for opening a new account by referral! So, if all goes well, Greg will get $25 for opening his own checking account and then I’ll get $25 for referring him.


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