Where has the time gone?

I just realized that it’s Thursday. I don’t know why my brain was telling me it was Wednesday; I like Thursday better, anyway.

Top Chef was interesting. I knew the hillbilly guy wasn’t going to make it after the first challenge. Poor guy, though; his father committed suicide. Good luck to him.

Greg and I were so eager to watch the first episode! He’s totally hooked as he is with Hell’s Kitchen. Good!

Prior to Top Chef, Greg and I went out to get dinner for one and all. We also went to get a few items from the grocery store. We were gone for nearly an hour, no thanks to Hardee’s. Ugh, they ticked me off because I had to wait, like 10 minutes, for a damn chicken sandwich. I knew there was going to be some wait, but I wasn’t under the impression it was going to be that long. Besides, I was already irritable due to the pending cycle (which has made its glorious debut this morning).

Today, at work, I actually worked! Shocker, I know. All this week, I’ve had little, to no, motivation to really do anything but read. Guess that could all be related to the cycle. Hormones do weird things to you. I don’t like them, not one bit.

The hormones have put me on a Skittles craze, lately. All I want are Skittles and Riesen Chocolates. Yeah, all this HAS to be because of my hormones… no other explaination.


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