@*%#& !!!!

So. Um. Yeah.

Last night, I learned that we are not moving at the place that I’ve been so excited about.

As pissed, angry, sad, frustrated, hurt, pissed, as I feel. I’ve got to move on.

So, the search continues.

I called my Mom this morning to let you know. She sounded just as hurt as I did when I found out. She said God closes one door and opens a new window for a reason. I argued that ‘God’ has closed nearly every door in my 28 years of life and hasn’t opened nearly as many windows in return.

The thing is, I HAVE TO find a place to live and urgently! Sean and Aaron are still moving too, you know.

I am waiting for the rental complex to open so that I can call them and argue with them. In the meantime, I continue searching and finding potential places and send the links to Greg for his opinion.

I have cried more than I thought. This sucks.


One thought on “@*%#& !!!!

  1. Oh My! What happened? Im so sorry to hear that. I know you were looking forward to the move. Good Luck finding a new place.

    Barb (from Texas)

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