Feeling Blue

Yeah, I’m not feeling any better.

I tried eating lunch, and I was successful with getting it all down, but I still feel like I’m going to be sick.

Greg has contacted the rental complex he’s currently living and they have an opening in July, but we are waiting to see if he can just transfer his lease to another unit. I bet that question confused the leasing agent he spoke to!

It’s interesting to see Greg being to optimistic about all that’s recently happend. He’s so energetic and ‘gun-ho’ about getting another place. I don’t know where he’s getting it from, but I hope it remains.

I wish Greg were coming over tonight. I don’t want to be alone.

On the bright side (and yes, there is a bright side), Amelia tried her first spoon of rice cereal last night. Greg took pictures. It was interesting to say the least; and, very messy. Next time I have to remember to use a bib. Oh, and to get a baby spoon (add that to my mental list of things to get/do). I will try to post the pictures on my Flickr account tonight.


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