The Sweet Greg-ola!

Do you know what I love most about us?


” Jess,
I wish I could write so much of what I feel. I know things are tough right now, but we’ll make it through. You mean the world to me. I love you with all my heart.


Last night, I was still in a funk of a mood. I didn’t talk much to my brother or Aaron and just putted around the townhouse. Around 7:30, Greg calls and we chat for a few. I wasn’t really in the mood to talk. He stated that he was a little sadden that I hadn’t called, like I normally do, and that he shouldn’t be much longer at work. After the conversation, I start my laundry and fix something for dinner (chicken nuggets and frozen pizza; Yum!). Around 8:30, I head upstairs for my room and call Greg to see what his E.T.A is. He informs me that he’s just getting off of Rt 100 and that he’s going to stop at the store for toilet paper, ice, and soda, all of which we were out. So, I just lay in bed and watch TV. About 20 minutes later I hear Greg walk in the door and start to put the items away. After a few minutes he asks me to come down stairs. So, I get up and walk down stairs. Greg is in the kitchen and on the counter is a Strawberry Carvel Cake waiting for me and inside the box (which was open) was a card, which I’ve written the contents of said card at the beginning of this post. I really fought hard to hold back the tears that started to pool in my eyes. Once I calmed down, I turned to Greg and gave him a big hug, thanked him and told him that I love him. Afterwards, I cut the cake and ate a slice! Yummy!

Greg and I watched Hell’s Kitchen. We expected Vinnie to go; boy can’t cook Beef Wellington if his life depended on it! Which made Greg and I wonder why he was always at that station! But, the show wasn’t as eventful as past episodes. Now, we just look forward to Top Chef tomorrow night.

After work, I am going to stop by Greg’s office to make copies my information for the application to his current complex. Yesterday, Greg talked to the office and they informed him that they will need a signed letter from him Mom confirming that he will no be on the lease for that apartment, a signed letter from him confirming that he is removing himself from that apartment, my statement of my salary from my employer, my three most recent pay stubs, drivers license and security card. Thankfully, all of which I have.

I keep distracting myself by reading other peoples blogs. I have a regular one that I read about a women and her adventure with IVF, and then I read the blogs of her readers. It’s a vicious circle.

I am trying to not think about what was planned for this coming Thursday and that this time next week, I should be living with Greg. I am really trying to not think those types of thoughts. Easier said than done; which is also why I’ve been distracting myself by reading the events in other peoples lives. It does help.


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