Here We Go Again…

Greg stopped by his complex and dropped off all the paperwork.

I’ve got that nervous/excited butterfly feeling in my stomach. I don’t know why, exactly, but it’s there. I am nervous about being rejected, again, yet he’s already on a lease at this complex, so there shouldn’t be any reason, other than me, for them to reject our application. Ugh! So, now we wait.

In the mean time, I’ve been chatting with my Cousin April via email today. I was asking how her doctors appointment went on Monday (since her mucus plus has started to ‘fall out’) and April said the appointment was fine and that she’s only thinning out but not dilating. My cousin is so ready to have this baby! LOL I told her that I could relate! Then, April and I started to talk about our boyfriends and marriage. She asked if Greg and I have talked about getting married and I replied and then she wrote this about Greg:

“I’m glad your going to stay with Greg (Me: Like there was going to be any chance I would leave Greg) I really like him he’s a nice guy!! Everyone likes him! Even Clayton’s family was talking about how nice of a guy he was! 🙂 And how cute Amelia was!! She really is freaking adorable!! “

I sent that email to Greg. It makes me feel good to hear that everyone likes Greg. Not very many people in my family liked Adam; he never looked like he was having fun or smiled that much. I tried to be optimistic and kept telling everyone that he is happy, just shy. Yeah, I was pretty much telling that to myself rather than believing it. I did that for a while; telling myself things to cover what my heart was trying to tell me. And, finally, I stopped lying to myself and took necessary action to see what everyone else was seeing to make myself happy. And, that is why this Friday I am submitting the divorce papers.

I am starting to miss Amelia. It’s so weird to hear her in the background whenever I talk to my Mom (which is usually about 3-4 times a day). Mom told me yesterday that she caught Amelia licking her toes! LOL I warned Mom that Amelia has begun the licking phase.

I am trying to distract my mind from the apartment complex. I really hope we hear from them soon.

As I type, I am on hold with the other complex that I was supposed to move into tomorrow about my deposit and to make sure the office person did, in fact, submit my refund and to have it marked at urgent. From my impression when I asked, I don’t think she did. But, I will find out soon… I hope… depending on when she returns to the phone…

Two and a half minutes on hold…

Finally, after a little over four minutes of waiting, I am informed that they CAN NOT (or will not) expedite my refund. Fuckers.


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