Have ya been looking for me?

Probably not. I haven’t received that many hits in the last few days.

So, it’s been a busy three days!

My brothers laptop is out of commission, so I haven’t been able to write nor upload all the great pics I’ve taken.

So, here are the last three days in review:


Greg and I had a few serious discussion about our living situation. We talked about our back up planl; moving to Churchton. What’s in Churchton you wonder? Well, there is a house that belongs to my parents that is currently vacant. I spent the last 12 years of my ‘childhood’ in Churchton (from 7th grade until I moved out in 2002). The house is on a little over three acres of land and on the water. Beautiful views. But, the house has been vacant for a little over two years and is in need of work, mainly yard work; which Greg is very excited about, for now.

After our discussion of options, we headed down to Annapolis to the court house where I filed my divorce papers. Now, I just wait for the Master List and then we’re almost done. Wow. This is really happening. I have no real emotional feelings about this divorce. I guess I’ll be happy to have everything complete and not have to worry about anything anymore.

Once we were done with Annapolis, I called my Mom to tell her we were about to get on Rt 50 and she said Amelia was still asleep and to take our time heading down. So, Greg and I decided to stop by the Churchton house. Greg and I walked around the place. I took some picutres. And, in the end, Greg seemed rather excited about moving here. All the pros outweigh the cons.

After about twenty minutes of looking at the property, we head down to Waldorf to pick Amelia up. Mom called just as we were leaving Churchton and said she was already in La Plata! I told her she said we could take our time. In any event, she beat us to the meet-up location (Hong Kong Buffet, Greg’s favorite chinese buffet). On the way to Waldorf, I called my Cousin April to see if she wanted to meet us at the Buffet and she said yea. Greg and I arrived at the Buffet about 5pm ish and hang out until 6:30 ish. We, April Mom and I mainly, talked about birthing babies since April is due any week. Traffic was a breeze on the way home. And, honestly, I can’t remember what we did after that.


Greg and I slept really late on Saturday. Say, like until noon! Even Amelia slept that late. She did wake up around 9 for a feeding, but she went back to sleep like the rest of us.

Greg and I putted around the townhouse for a couple of hours and then headed up to Best Buy in Glen Burnie. We wanted to look at toys and appliances for the possible Churchton move. I found a really nice camera for only $249 that I would like.

After Best Buy, Greg and I headed over to Benningan’s for a late lunch. While there, my friend Daniel calls to tell me that he’s in town! Daniel moved to Florida in March of 06. He came up in Sept of 06, and we went out and had fun. So, Daniel made his way to Bennigan’s and we hung out for the rest of the day! I had a blast with him. Greg stayed until about 9:00pm. After Bennigan’s we all headed back to the townhouse and Greg took care of Amelia while Daniel and I chatted and got caught up in the gossip and such. Daniel was asking a thousand and twelve questions about Greg and I. Last year, before Daniel moved to Fl, he told me that Greg likes me more than a friend and I was like ‘yeah right’ and such. Daniel knew that I was starting to like Greg around that time as well. So, Daniel is so excited that Greg and I are togehter (and it’s not because of Amelia, as Daniel wanted to make sure). All the while Daniel and I were chatting, Amelia was very fussy upstairs. So, Daniel and I went upstairs to help Greg. Amelia flirted with Daniel so much, it was cute. Daniel took tons of pictures of Amelia and me, or Amelia and him. I told Daniel that Greg and I were looking at a camera very simular to the one Daniel had, so it was nice to acutally get to play with the camera. Daniel also showed me his ‘cool toys’, referring to his new laptop, PSP, and other accessories. Greg fell in love with the headphones Daniel had for the PSP. I, fell in love with the PSP; I’ve been wanting one of those for years. Daniel has just bought the PSP so he didn’t have any games or anything for it; just the movie that he watched on the flight up. So, I was playing around with the PSP and then Daniel tells me that I can have it! He doesn’t use it enough to want it. Daniel gave me his PSP!!! Daniel spoils me so much! He’s given me his surround sound system, iPod Nano, his PSP, and he said that once his gets the laptop he wants (the one he brought was a gift from his dad and isn’t want he wanted), he’s going to give me that as well! Of course, I’m not going to be counting on the laptop to happen anytime soon. But still! Greg was telling me to give the PSP back to Daniel and Daniel kept telling Greg that he doesn’t want it. So, I have a new toy! Which is cool because Greg spent a good chunk of the weekend playing Diner Dash on the DS. Yep, that’s right; Greg is hooked on Diner Dash! I knew I would get him.

Later in the night, after Amelia was finally asleep and Greg at home, Daniel and I sat outside and chatted. While we were outside, some neighbors were setting off fireworks (the ones not allowed into MD). Daniel and I were outside until sometime after 11 and then I went to McD’s to get us some snackages. After the snackages, Daniel took a nap and I stayed up to make sure he woke up to get Cory. About 12:30am, Daniel left and I went to bed (after calling Greg).


Sunday was great! The weather was awesome!

I had a slow start in the morning. Amelia slept until 8:30am. We ate and played until 9:30 and then she took a nap until 10:30 (and I took a nap right along side her). Once the nap was over, Amelia and I hung out with Sean and Aaron who were setting up the internet on the PSP (I didn’t know the Network Key to set it up and since Sean’s laptop is out of order… well, you know). Once that was all done, we were playing with the PSP and Aaron’s PS3 and trying to sync them. But, I need to upgrade my software in order to do so. So, I worked on that but I was unable to complete because I didn’t have enough battery power left. So, I left it alone for the rest of the day.

Once we were all done playing with the PSP/PS3, I ran out to Hardee’s to pick up food. Sean and Aaron hate picking up food, but they don’t mind paying for my order if I go get it. I am so loved by them. I swear I don’t know what they are going to do once we’ve all moved our seperate ways. So, after we ate, I took my shower and played with Amelia until she fell asleep. At which I started to get everything together for the Rolston Social Club!! The first Sunday of every month, Tim and Brooke host the Rolston Social Club. Greg and I went back in May, missed June, and then we went yesterday.

We arrive at the party a little after 2:30 and hang out outside. Good times were had by all. I took some really great pictures and I can’t wait to upload them, as soon as Sean fixes the laptop.

Greg and I stayed until 7ish and head home. I don’t get home until around 8pm and when I arrived, we had guests! Sean and Aaron had invited Deb and Alex, their new friends. We hung out and chatted for a bit. I put Amelia to bed around 8:30 and then hung out some more. We ordered pizza, ate and had a merry time.

I went to bed around 10:30 and the rest is history.

Today, Monday, has been pretty low key. I’ve been catching up on work and voicemails all the while working on this entry. I’ve also been ‘window shopping’ on eBay for some movies, games, and accessories for the PSP. So far, all I’ve bought was a charger since Daniel left his at home in FL. Also, I am thinking of buying a new cell phone off eBay. I am so frustrated with my current phone, a Sony Ericsson. My previous phone was
a Sony Ericsson and I am having the same problems and I had with the other model. So, I am done with this brand. I am looking into LG and Samsung. Nokia doesn’t offer anything interesting and I don’t like the set up and layout of Motorola. I am very picky when it comes to my cell phones. It’s really sad when I think about it.

I am so ecited about or plans for Tuesday night. A group of us (99.9% of Greg’s friends/co-workers) are getting together to see Transformers in Columbia. I have never been a group date this big! I believe Greg said something along the lines of nearly 30 people! So much fun!!!

It makes me feel really good that Greg has opened up so much in including me in his ‘other’ life. I get along smashingly with Greg’s co-workers (all of them) and when we were at Tim and Brooke’s party last night, I had a great time! Tim and Brooke’s friends are so funny! I can’t wait to upload the pictures from the party.

When Greg and I first became friends he did not want me to meet any of his co-workers, who were his ‘other’ friends. He liked to keep everything and everyone seperate. Now a days, he’s asking me if I want to go to so and so’s party, or a group outting and things related. It just makes me feel special that he’s including me.

Well, I am going to do more ‘window shopping’ on eBay. Have a great Monday!


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