Hodge Podge of Everything

So, we didn’t get the place where Greg is currently staying. They say it was our credit. We feel differently. In the mean time, we are in the process of applying for a condo in Glen Burnie. We’re just waiting for the realtor to call me back to set up a date and time to check the place out.

I called the corporate office about the complex that rejected us at the last minute before move in. I stated my issues and Mike took notes. Mike told me that the complaint would go to three ‘people’ and that I should hear back about a resolution. The issue to resolve is for me to get my money back. Oh, and to get rid of AJ.

Last night, after work, I met up with Daniel at their old townhouse and hung out for a bit (until 7:30) and then we headed over to my place. Greg brought dinner for all of us and cooked it for us. We watched Hell’s Kitchen; very interesting show last night. OMG, Melissa was a witch! She wasn’t like that in the beginning; where did last nights performance come from? Greg and I feel she isn’t going to be well liked on the Blue Team; she’s already had a conflict with Rock! We can’t wait until next weeks episode.

Tonight is Movie Night! Greg and I had an opportunity to see Transformers last night, for free, but since the showing was so late, we passed. Cory is the best! He gives me free movie passes to Muvico and when he lived here, Daniel and I would see all sorts of movies for free.

Getting back to tonight, it looks like there will be only 12 of us. Still pretty good on my count. Sean and Aaron are staying home so they are going to watch after Amelia. I am looking forward to tonight! It’s been so long since I’ve been out with a large group of friends. I wish we were going to dinner as well, but they don’t think there will be enough time. It’s all good. Maybe Greg and I will go out to eat before the movie, assuming Amelia will cooperate with going to bed tonight.

Speaking of Amelia, have I mentioned her new ‘trick’? I don’t think I have. Well, Amelia is rolling over completely now a days and sleeping on her stomach! As a matter of fact, sleeping on her stomach is the only way she’ll sleep! It’s cool, yet it freaks me out a little. The reason it freaks me out is because I am afraid she’s going to suffocate herself and I’ll wake up one morning and find her blue. But, there is nothing I can do to prevent her from rolling over onto her stomach. Besides, Greg said he did some research online and according to what he found, it’s perfectly normal and safe for her to sleep on her stomach. I still remain skeptical.

At my desk, at work, I have a Halloween ‘bucket’ where I occasionally fill with candy (and, honestly, there is still Halloween candy in there). Recently, yesterday, I added some chocolate to the bucket, in addition to the jaw breakers and mints that were already in there (the old Halloween candy). Well, everyone in the office knows of this bucket, but since the choice of sweets is slim, no one really indulges their sweet tooth, except for one person. This person, each time she comes around to my side of the office will grab a handful of whatever is in the bucket. Well, according to my other co-workers that sit on my side of the office, on Friday, when I was out of the office, the one that actually eats the candy apparently made many trips to the bucket. Today, she didn’t take anything out of the bucket, so there is a running joke between me and two other co-workers about this person that eats the mints and jaw breakers. I don’t know why I mentioned this, it was funny in my mind but now that I’ve typed it all out, it doesn’t sound as funny. Meh, it’s already written and it give ya something else to read.

I haven’t played with my DS in a couple of days, yet I still bring it to work. I think once I am done with this post I am going to play. I don’t have much to write about today, and the stuff that I want to write about, I write in my ‘secret garden’, but I don’t write there nearly as much as I do here.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July. This is probably one of my least favorite holidays. The 4th of July doesn’t really mean anything to me, just as Labor Day and Memorial Day. I know all three have significant meanings and that is why those days are celebrated; but, me personally, it’s just a day off (with pay) for me. Now, if I had to list my top three holidays they would be: 1. Christmas; 2. Easter; and 3. Valentine’s Day. Here are the reason why: 1. Christmas; I love everything about Christmas! I love wrapping presents, I love shopping for presents, I love the music, the lights, and the smells. I love the excited feeling I get when someone opens the gift I got for them. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. Actually, I like everyday but Christmas day; I love that excitement that Christmas Eve brings, but I hate it once everything is said and done. I am all about giving and that is what makes Christmas my favorite. I am already excited about Christmas 2007 because it will be Amelia’s and Olivia’s (or Charlotte since April hasn’t picked a name, yet) first Christmas. April and I have already talked about having Amelia and Olivia’s first holiday photo shoot together. Mom is just excited because they can wear velvet dresses. 2. Easter; the reason why I like Easter is because I like making Easter Baskets for friends/family. 2. Valentine’s Day; the reason I like Valentine’s Day is because I can make cute little cards from Amelia for Greg as I did this past Valentine’s Day. Honestly, Christmas is the only holiday I get really excited and worked up about. What about you, what are your top three holidays and why?


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