Mix and Match Special

I am sure this entry is going to take an entire day to complete. Why do I think this? Well, because I am sleepy and there isn’t much to write about. So, through out the day, I am going to read, look for places to contact about moving into and maybe play some DD (Diner Dash).

In the meantime, here is what I’ve got to say:

Greg and I are going to look at a condo in Glen Burnie on Saturday. It’s a 2BR 1 BA unit on the second floor and within our price range. We’re only bummed that we won’t be able to cook on the grill (or so Greg thinks). The owners require a credit score check, blah! My credit was in the process of improving until I had to buy a car, at which brought my score down significantly. But, I really don’t have that much debt, less than $12K. Greg’s score is now 100 points higher than mine, so maybe that will increase our chances of getting this place. Crossing my fingers.

Greg is taking Friday off to help his brother move his stuff into the place where Greg is currently living. Pat and Greg are thinking they will be able to fit both of Pat’s couches and his king size bed in Greg’s bedroom. Mind you, Greg’s bedroom is big, probably bigger than my room, but I seriously doubt they will be able to fit all of that furniture in there. We shall see. Also, if Greg and I are unsuccessful in finding a place this month, we’re moving into Greg’s current place. That would make 4 adults and a baby in a 2 bedroom apartment! I’ll leave it to your imagination as to where we’re all going to fit and sleep.

As for the 4th of July, I really wish it wasn’t in the middle of the week; it just throws me off schedule. They, the government or who ever sets up the holidays, should change the date to like the first Friday of July to celebrated as the birthday of the nation or something like that. It would make things so much easier for everyone. Especially since the holiday isn’t really celebrated until the evening. But, that’s just my thought on the holiday.

It’s now 3:42pm as I type. I haven’t done much today. Just putted around the Internet reading other blogs and events. I’ve been tracking my eBay package; it’s still in California. Bummer.

E-mails have been a little slow today, Greg is uber busy at work.

Well, it’s now 5:15pm as I type. What have I got to say? Nothing really. I’ve been reading random blogs from around the world (at least the ones in English) and there isn’t very much going on. I spoke with my Mom around 4. She was watching Opera and that topic was friends who cheat on their married friends or something along those lines; basically, nothing no one hasn’t heard before on a ‘talk show’.

As for me, physically, the day has been a little weird. I’ve been craving salty and chocolate. This is probably due to the impending cycle (I go off the active pills on Sunday). Odd, though because I normally don’t crave things, especially chocolate. I like chocolate, but rarely crave it; usually, if I have a craving it’s for something sweet and then salty (skittles and pretzels). I’ve satisfying my skittles fix for a few weeks now. At the moment, I have a bag of the Wild Berry in my desk drawer. Yum. I’m surprised I’ve had the bag as long as I have (over a week). I think I need to make a trip to Costco’s in the near future…

Well, another half hour has passed and I’ve run out of steam. I need to run over to Greg’s job to print something out, after I pick up Amelia of course, and then run to Giant to refill my asthma meds and birth control, and maybe pick up some foodige. Oh, wait… I need to stop at the house and get book of checks since I’ve run out. Grrr… I hate having to go home only to go back out!

Oh well, such is life.


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