Execute Plan C

Last night, Greg called and told me that his Mom has offered to us, Amelia and me, to move into their place for two months. Greg’s Mom brought this up; Greg didn’t ask or approach her about this option, this was all on her! We were both rather surprised, especially since she rejected the idea without a second thought earlier this year.

So, it looks like I will be moving in with Greg and his family, probably this coming weekend and next.

Greg doesn’t want to apply for the condo that we looked at on Saturday. He feels he would be settling if we moved there and he doesn’t want to settle.

This morning, I tried calling my Mom to let her know what the new plan is, but I dial Greg’s cell phone by accident (force of habit since both Greg’s number and my Mom’s cell number start with ‘443-9’), so we chatted for a few minutes and we talked about the plan of me moving in with them and that I mentioned that Denise is dying to see Amelia and that I’m sure she was planning on flying in this summer (Greg’s mom has no desire to meet Denise, much less have her in her home) and that is when Greg mentioned “That was your big surprise”. Apparently, Greg and Denise have talked and/or planned on a trip to Michigan in August! But, with all the trouble we’ve had with finding a place to live, Greg wasn’t sure it was going to happen. So, if we do move in with his Mom for a couple of months, it more than likely will happen! This is exciting, yet nerve wracking and the reason being is Greg is debating on whether to fly or drive to Michigan. I say fly, but Greg isn’t sure how Amelia will do with the flight, but we have an appointment with Amelia’s Pediatrician this Friday and we’re going to ask then.

Earlier today, I found a house for rent in Pasadena and I called and left a message. I sent Greg an email about the ad and he said he thinks we should try.

Ok, so I am feeling a bit conflicted:

Greg’s Mom is charging us to live at the current location. Granted, Greg already pays a portion of the bills and rent, but my conflict is how much she’s going to be charging me. Yes, it’s less than what I am currently paying (the rate includes the utilities and food), but I don’t feel that I am going to be using that much for the rate she’s charging. Greg and I are going to probably spend 90% of our time in his bedroom since that is the only place where we would have privacy and I just don’t think the total amount that Greg and I are going to be paying is fair for what we’re actually receiving. But, at the same time, we don’t have to pay for utilities or groceries (at least I don’t think we’re paying for groceries), yet, then again, Greg and I are only getting a bedroom to call our own rather than an entire condo/house. Ugh, so conflicted. But, after talking it out with a co-worker, I guess it all makes sense on the price when it’s broken down. I guess I’m not happy with only having a bedroom as my only place of space.

Greg’s job is relocating him to a different shop in Baltimore for the rest of the week. The shop doesn’t have internet access which means Greg and I won’t be able to email each other and I hate calling him while he’s at work. But, I did give Greg my DS in case he get’s bored.

Well, the day is finally coming to an end. I have done some work, it has been sorta busy, but I’ve been mostly thinking and chatting online with Melissa (love the new email set up from Y!). I have a lot more to write about, but I’ve run outta time (it’s 5:55pm as I finish).

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