Is it really Wednesday?

Sheesh, it doesn’t feel like Wednesday. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t feel like any particular day of the week.

I haven’t heard from the realtor about the condo in Glen Burnie, so I guess it’s still in negotiation. I will follow-up with another email tomorrow if I don’t hear anything by then.

This morning, I found two other places to look at; one is in the Ft. Meade area and the other is in Odenton. The one in Ft. Meade is a townhouse with the ‘lease to own’ option which is interesting. The place in Odenton is a condo and is cheaper than the townhouse in Ft. Meade. Either way, I’ve sent an email to both places and now I just wait for a response.

Waiting for something, anything, is the worst thing in the world. One usually has absolutely nothing to do while they wait, other than have random thoughts and shit run through their mind. Bah! Humbug.

Sensing a little negativity? Yeah, I’m feeling a little negative at the moment. I’m slightly irritated at Greg and this whole ‘where am I going to live this time next week’ situation. Greg was suppose to call me last night after he spoke with his Mom, but he never did. I called him this morning to ask about the conversation and to find out why he didn’t call (which I already knew why as soon as I woke up); His Mom would rather wait until the last minute (from my perspective) for Amelia and me to move in which would be the weekend of July 21. I, on the other hand, want to move in this weekend and get the shit done and over with! When I asked Greg why his Mom wants to wait, he said something along the lines of “holding out as long as possible”, to which I interpreted as “still want my space, even though I offered to allow you to live here.” The ‘plan’, according to Greg’s Mom, was to move my non-essentials into the apartment this coming weekend and then complete the move the following weekend. I am not feeling so ‘kosher’ with this plan. Why? Are you ready for my answer (warning: I’m just going to write everything my brain sends to my fingers and not correct any grammar, punctuation, or spelling after this), here it is: My move is going to be simple, in the aspect of ‘stuff’. Greg and I are throwing just about everything that I own away, except for the essentials (clothes, mine and Amelia’s, and knick-knacks). What we’re planning to throw away are my bed and dresser since we now have Pats to use/keep, and we’re going to put my dining room set and tv’s into a storage unit. So, that pretty much sums up my moving. There isn’t that much. Also, another reason why I want to get out before Sean and Aaron start to move is so that all of us arn’t moving out at the same time and trying to clean the townhouse. I just feel things will be easier if I get the head start and leave before Sean an Aaron, come back to help with their move and to finish the cleaning. That is my plan of action. And, it seems that I am the only person seeing the logic in this plan. Ugh, why do I have to be so ‘OCD’ about the weirdest shit. Also, with his Mom wanting to wait until I HAVE TO move in makes me feel like she really doesn’t want us, Amelia and me, there and only offered the place because of the extra money she’s going to be getting from me, which isn’t 100% true, I know, but that’s how I am feeling about it (I asked Greg why his Mom had the change of heart from the conversation in March and he said something along the lines of ‘She was afraid of a repeat from when Emily was here’ ).**Good Grief, that post took forever for me to find!**

Another stress I have is my Mom. She’s begun to nag me about finding a place to live and that Greg and I can’t be so picky and that we need to make a decision now and bla bla bla. Yes, Mom, I know Mom, ugh! I know she’s just looking out for us and that she doesn’t want Amelia and I to be living in such a cramped place (or so she says; i’m sensing a little bit of ‘Grandma Jealousy’ since Amelia will be ‘living’ with one of three Grandma’s when I know Mom would LOVE it if it were possible for us to stay with her instead).

Aaarrghh!! I just want this to end; the where and when of moving and things related. I am so tempted to just, be like, “Fuck it, I don’t care anymore, I’ll move when ever you want me to” with an attitude. But, that so isn’t me.


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