Tidbit Thursday

Last night, around 9-ish, my brother calls to inform us (Aaron, Greg, and me) that JM, the owner of the townhouse, is visiting tomorrow (today) to show the townhouse to a potential renter!

If you’ve seen the pictures on my Flickr account (and you’re going to have to root around in there to find them) of various rooms around the townhouse, then you have an idea of what the usual state of disaster the place is. So, it wasn’t fun to start a mad dash of cleaning/packing at 9pm. But, surprisingly, we accomplished A LOT in a little over an hour.

Here was the Plan of Action:

  • Kitchen: Me
  • Living/Dining Area: Greg
  • Upstairs hallway and bathroom: Aaron
  • The kitchen was a huge mess. This past week, we’ve been cooking our meals rather than ordering out to save some money. So, you can probably imagine the state of mess the kitchen was in. I don’t think anyone had cleaned up their cooking mess (pots and pans, plates, etc) since last Saturday. Seriously. But, on a bright side, the dishes in the dishwasher were clean, just nothing else in the kitchen was. Personally, I LOVE to clean kitchens. Of all rooms in the house to clean, I feel the kitchen shows the most ‘work done’ when cleaning the kitchen is complete. On the other hand, I absolutely HATE putting the dishes away. I can not stand it one bit. I was under the impression, with the ‘deal’ Aaron and I made so many months ago, that Aaron was going to unload the dishwasher and I would load it. Uh, yeah, I can’t remember the last time Aaron unloaded the dishwasher. Anyway, last night, Greg unloaded the dishwasher for me and I continued with cleaning the kitchen. Oh, just to give you a more accurate image for your imagination about the complete mess the kitchen was in, there were so many dirty dishes in the sink, and on the counter and stove, that I ended up washing a good amount by hand as well. Once the dishes were washed and/or loaded in the dishwasher, I began working on the counters and stove. Like I said, no one had cleaned or straightened up their cooking messes since last Saturday, so the stove and counter needed much work. With the stove, I debated if I wanted to clean the inside as well, but decided to do that before we move out. But, I did take out the burners and cleaned that nasty ring around the burner and all the gunk that falls into the stove, Yay Me, as well as cleaned the front and hood of the stove. Then, came the kitchen floor. We have a rug in front of the sink that the dog likes to lay on so it was full of hair. At first, I tried to just sweep the rug, but that was futile and ended up getting my old vacuum cleaner out; and while I was vacuuming the rug, I decided to vacuum the a/c vent since the tree fell into it (another weird story to tell). So, as I was doing all of the above, Greg and Aaron were doing their things as well, then Greg comes into the kitchen and we have the following conversation:

    Greg: “Wow! The kitchen looks amazing!”
    Me: “Thanks”
    Greg: “Seriously, you did a great job. The kitchen was a complete mess when you started.”
    Me: “Yeah, well I like cleaning the kitchen. I just hate unloading the dishwasher.”
    Greg: “Oh My God! You’re so amazing. I am so totally going to marry you. (Me giving him a puzzled look) Our relationship is going to be perfect; I don’t like cleaning the kitchen and don’t mind unloading the dishwasher.
    Me: “Ah. I see.”

    So, based on that conversation, I am going to assume that I will be the one that will be cleaning the kitchen and he will be unloading the dishwasher. Meh. Works for me.

    Oy! What a day, what a day.

    First and foremost, I started the dreaded monthly thing. Which, was weird I might add and the reason being is because I’ve had no warnings from my body that ‘it’ was coming, unlike the last few months. Oh, and had weird conversation with Greg this morning pertaining to my visitor (who, I might add was later than I was expecting and getting slightly worried since I didn’t have any heads up IF she was even coming…), but here goes the conversation:

    Me: “Shit”
    Greg: “What?… Oh”
    (I was in the bathroom going pee-pee and left the door open, so when I said “shit” he looked over and saw the reasoning in my ALL WHITE underwear)
    Me: “Can you get me a pad and change of underwear?”
    Greg: “Where are the pads?” … “Oh, here they are”
    Greg walks to the bathroom door about to hand me the requested items when I state…
    Me: “I don’t want that pair of underwear, they’re too big. Can you find me another pair?”
    Greg give me that look and tosses the pad at me as he looks for another pair of underwear…
    Greg: “Are these ok?”
    Me: “Yes, thank you”
    Greg tosses the better pair to me and the rest of the morning insues…

    The morning starts off nice and slow. I read my comic strip, check the email and reply, read the news, etc… create this post, and decide to play with blogger templates. I feel it’s time to change the layout and what not.

    So, for a good chunck of the morning I am searching google for templates and what not and play with the HTML. All the way, previewing what I’ve done along the way. I didn’t save anything because I kept getting distracted by work and the internet.

    Later in the day, I check my blog. To my surprise the post from this morning doesn’t show up, even after I closed IE, cleaned out my history, cache, and cookies.

    Now I wonder if this post is even going to make it for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

    But, I shall write as if nothing’s going on… I can fake it pretty well.

    Damn. I forgot what else I was going to say…

    If I remember, I’ll write it tonight, otherwise, I’m just going to finish this and find something else to do.


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