A New Week with New Hope

Oy! What a weekend. I hope to never have a repeat of this past weekend, ever. It just wasn’t good, at all.

Oh, and I forgot our application to the condo this morning. D’Oh! But, I sent an email to the owners letting them know that I did forget it and that I will fax it tomorrow. Also, I told them how much Greg and I enjoyed the condo. Hoping to get some ‘brownie points’ here.

Greg said one, of many, sweet things over the weekend. I can’t remember if he said this on Saturday or Sunday since the days kinda blur together, but this is what he said:

Greg: “I can’t wait until Amelia is like 7 years old…
Me: Why?
Greg: Because, I think it would be cool to have a map of the mid-Atlantic and every Wednesday night, we look at the map and tell her to pick a place that she would like to visit for a weekend trip.”

Wow! He’s already planning things in the future! Also, we discussed when to try having another baby! Greg wants to wait until Amelia is between the ages of 3 and 5 years old. I agree.

And, we also talked about our future together, again. Last night, I was watching “My First Place” or something similar, on HGTV while Greg was playing DD (Diner Dash). Apparently, Greg was listening to the show because later I asked him which he would prefer to do; marry then buy a house or buy a house and then marry. He stated he would like to get married first. This is starting to get kinda exciting for me. Of course, I’m not going to obsess about it, shit I’m not even engaged, technically. But, it really makes me feel good that Greg has referred to his Mom as my Future Mother-in-law (a comment from this weekend).

This is an interesting story, yet sad. I can’t imagine anyone ignoring their children for online gaming. How is that possible, on an emotional level? The daughter only weighed 10 pounds when she, and her brother, were taken into the hospital. Amelia weighs 15 pounds is only 6 months old! That couple should be in jail a lot longer than 12 years.

Also, I am totally enjoying this new blog, BlueSoup, she’s so funny! Go check it out.

Oh yeah, update on Amelia and her 6 month check-up:

Height: 25 inches
Weight: 15 pounds
Shots: 4 (5 inoculations in 4 shots)
Overall: Clean bill of health. Oh, and to switch from rice cereal to oatmeal in hopes to ease the constipation she has suffered. Also, we can start her on flavored Gerber foods!! After the appointment, Greg and I went to Giant and picked out Applesause to start off with. It was interesting; she made some weird faces and gaged a little, but she did ‘eat’ some of it. The doctore suggested that we stick with on flavor for 3-4 days to make sure there isn’t a reaction before moving onto the next flavor. Guess what the next flavor is…. nope… it’s not green…. not a sweet vegetable… it’s carrots! Blah, I totally dislike cooked carrots (and pretty much all other veggies; meaning I like them raw and uncooked), so this could be interesting. The plan is to alternate between fruit and veggies.

So, to recap:
Birth Weight: 6.14 pounds
Birth Height: 18.4 inches

Total weight gained: 9 pounds
Total growth: 7 inches

Can you imagine if we grew 7 inches in 6 months? Yeesh! Also, I think it’s funny, and I mentioned this to Greg, how we focus on weight gain in infants and when the infants are about 20 years old, they focus on weight loss. Isn’t that the story of life?


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