Cancelled, Homeless & In need of a Babysitter

So, apparently BG&E nor Comcast have ‘hold’ requests like the mail or newspaper services. So, I’ve cancelled both my BG&E account, which I opened back in 2002 and my Comcast services as of Aug. 1.

Ugh, it’s weird to think that I am, technically in my mind, homeless as of the 20th. I don’t have a place to call home, rather I have a place to stay ‘as a favor’.

I really hope that Greg and I are able to find a place and soon. Previously, when he moved last October, I was his back-up option, but now that we are trying to move in together, there is no back-up (other than Churchton and we don’t even know if that is an option anymore). I can’t help but feel some anger towards someone as I struggle to find a place for Greg and I to start our life together. I would write more, to elaborate, but I promised I wouldn’t (at least be public about it).

Oh, and I may need a sitter for next Wednesday, July 25th. Our baby sitter’s husband, Greg’s co-worker, is having surgery on that day. Mom, who is my back-up, would be available if she hadn’t of just returned from her Vegas Extravaganza the previous evening, but her availability is up in the air since she doesn’t know how she’s going to feel after her mini-vacation.

I’ve just gotten off the phone with Greg and told him about the ‘situation’ and he’s going to see if it’s possible to take next Wednesday off since he has paid vacation days available and I’m still within the ‘probationary period’ (although, I have used some days already as ‘borrowed’, but I’d rather not do so anymore, if possible).

So, Greg thinks that I’ll be moved into his place by the end of the week. This morning, we loaded up some of my tubs and bags that I’ve already packed into our cars to unload them into the storage unit that Greg is going to open up when he gets off of work today. Have I mentioned how much I hate moving? I did it so often when I was growing up that the mear thought of having to move puts a sour taste in my mouth. Blech! Although, this move is a little different than my past moves and this is mainly because I am moving in with someone that I am so excited about being with 24/7. In the meantime, Greg is spending the entire week at my place, as that was a compromise for not being ‘allowed’ (and I use that word liberly) to move in over the weekend.

Sheesh, it’s only 3:25 as I write. And, I smell a fart or it could be eggs, but either way it stinks.

So, I’ve been ‘rooting around’ Blue Soups space, catching up on older postings and then checking out her blogs of choice and I’ve realized something; a majority of people in the UK use WordPress as their blogging site. Over here, in the US, I’ve noticed the majority of users use Typepad or Blogger, then WordPress. Typepad is neat, but isn’t free. Blogger is, alright but I am liking the layout of WordPress. It has some pretty neat options for set-up and such. So, I’ve been debating if I should just transfer all to WordPress or keep things seperate. I did read on one persons post that she felt WordPress was horrible since she lost a lot of her posts when she transferred from Blogger to WordPress. Meh. This is the least of my concerns at the moment, but nothing more than a random running thought in my mind.

Who knows what the next thought will be…


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