Trying to Focus

Work has been a little on the slow side. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had our moments of extreme busy, but nothing on a regular basis.

So, to kill time, I’ve been reading online and such. And, now I am completely distracted.

I need to get my focus back in order. So, this morning I started working on my on-going project. The reason I stopped the project was because after nearly 2 months, I questioned to reason of this project. I never got an answer about whether to continue or not, so I stopped. Recently, like last Friday, I went to check on the grid and there were like 177 new account numbers!! So, I guess they decided to move on with the project and not tell me; this morning I started the tedious task of going through the 200+ accounts, on a idividual level, and so forth. I believe I made it through 40-ish accounts. My goal, for this afternoon, is to complete all the accounts and then to hopefully go back and call the account holders on the ones that were cancelled for the specific reason this whole project began.

Yeah, we’ll see how this goal goes…

In the mean time, it is my lunch hour and I’m taking full advantage of it. I’m almost caught up on my email, I did fax the application for the condo and included additional refernces (again, going for the brownie points here), did the email ‘chat’ thing with Greg this morning, posted a few comments on a few regular blogs I read, and just chilled out.

Last night, Greg was unable to open a storage unit because their credit card machine was down. So, we came home and he cooked dinner while I tended to the bebah, also known as Amelia. Amelia went to bed rather early and easily. Around 7, I was holding her in my lap and she started to rub her eyes, so I placed her against my chest and she began to suck her thumb and lay her head on me. Then, every 5 seconds she would lift her head, let out a sad and pathetic cry and then lay her head back down. All I could do was laugh as she did this over and over. Eventually, I took her upstairs and laid her in the crib thingy and she pretty much went to sleep. Now, around 10:30, she was WIDE AWAKE, like playing and chatting and shrieking as if it were in the morning! This totally confused Greg and I. So, we picked her up, changed her and gave her a small bottle. She was back asleep by 11:15pm and I was too far behind her.

Today, Greg has a huge list of tasks for me! First, he’s going up to Security to pick up my tags (I don’t know why I thought they would be mailed to me; oh, I know why, because that would make more sense!), then try to open the storage unit, and then stop at Target to pick up the pictures I ordered last week off of Flickr.

Have I mentioned how much I like making new friends? I don’t think I have, well I do. I’ve made a new friend! It’s a long distance friendship, but should be entertaining.

Also, I have a few new regular readers! One hails from Virginia and the others are from ‘across the pond’ in England. Howdy!

Well, lunch is about over and I am going to work on my goal.

Have a nice day!



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